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Yverdon (district)

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Title: Yverdon (district)  
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Subject: Chevron (insignia), List of cities in Switzerland, Gossens, Mézery-près-Donneloye, Yvonand
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Yverdon (district)

Yverdon District was a district of the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It was divided into the Cercles of Molondin, Belmont-sur-Yverdon, Yverdon and Champvent.

The district consisted of 38 municipalities, is 156.68 km² in area and was home to 34,929 inhabitants at the end of 2003.

Mergers and name changes

  • On 1 January 2005 the former municipality of Arrissoules merged into the municipality of Rovray.
  • On 1 September 2006 the municipalities of Belmont-sur-Yverdon, Bioley-Magnoux, Chamblon, Champvent, Chanéaz, Chavannes-le-Chêne, Chêne-Pâquier, Cheseaux-Noréaz, Cronay, Cuarny, Démoret, Donneloye, Épendes (VD), Essert-Pittet, Essert-sous-Champvent, Gossens, Gressy, Mathod, Mézery-près-Donneloye, Molondin, Montagny-près-Yverdon, Orges, Orzens, Pomy, Prahins, Rovray, Suchy, Suscévaz, Treycovagnes, Ursins, Valeyres-sous-Montagny, Valeyres-sous-Ursins, Villars-Epeney, Villars-sous-Champvent, Vugelles-La Mothe, Yverdon-les-Bains and Yvonand came from the District d'Yverdon to join the Jura-Nord vaudois District


Cercle of Belmont-sur-Yverdon

Municipality Population (31.12.2003) Area (km²)
Belmont-sur-Yverdon 264 6.47
Épendes 315 4.82
Essert-Pittet 124 2.76
Gossens 128 1.02
Gressy 164 2.23
Oppens 170 3.60
Orzens 207 4.19
Pomy 551 5.62
Suchy 346 6.66
Ursins 179 3.37
Valeyres-sous-Ursins 198 2.83

Cercle of Champvent

Municipality Population (31.12.2003) Area (km²)
Chamblon 557 2.85
Champvent 316 6.88
Essert-sous-Champvent 127 1.23
Mathod 486 6.59
Montagny-près-Yverdon 609 3.55
Orges 223 4.01
Suscévaz 175 4.15
Treycovagnes 478 2.07
Valeyres-sous-Montagny 572 2.27
Villars-sous-Champvent 49 0.92
Vugelles-La Mothe 106 3.08

Cercle of Molondin

Municipality Population (31.12.2003) Area (km²)
Bioley-Magnoux 163 4.27
Chanéaz 99 1.39
Chavannes-le-Chêne 236 3.98
Chêne-Pâquier 105 2.11
Cronay 316 6.61
Cuarny 179 4.56
Démoret 135 4.24
Donneloye 324 3.72
Mézery-près-Donneloye 75 1.85
Molondin 196 5.53
Prahins 142 2.42
Rovray 129 3.21
Villars-Epeney 64 0.86
Yvonand 2,317 13.38

Cercle of Yverdon

Municipality Population (31.12.2003) Area (km²)
Cheseaux-Noréaz 510 6.12
Yverdon-les-Bains 23,595 11.26


Coordinates: 46°47′N 6°38′E / 46.783°N 6.633°E / 46.783; 6.633

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