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Udai Pratap Autonomous College

Udai Pratap Autonomous College
Established 1909
Principal Dr. Padmakar Singh
Location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Former names Hewett Kshatriya High School,
Udai Pratap Intermediate College,
Udai Pratap College
Affiliations Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth
College Administration - Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi

Udai Pratap Autonomous College is an autonomous college of UGC situated in the northwestern part of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. It spans about 100 acres (0.40 km2) of land. This college is one of the several academic institutions running in the same campus managed by Udai Pratap Educational Society.


  • History 1
  • FOUNDER - Late Rajarshi Udai Pratap Singh JuDeo 2
  • Office Bearers 3
  • Academics 4
  • Faculties 5
  • Courses Offered 6
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) 7
  • Other Units of Udai Pratap Educational Society 8
  • Sports 9
  • Infrastructure 10
  • Management 11
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Udai Pratap Autonomous College is situated in the North Western part of the holy city of Varanasi in India. The campus is spread over 100 acres of lush green fertile land with an academic atmosphere. Udai Pratap Autonomous College is the most popular higher education centre of eastern Uttar Pradesh. This College was conceptualized and created by a philosopher and saint king Late Rajarshi Udai Pratap Singh Judeo to promote the education to enrich the society with value system of this region.

The beginning was made when Late Rajarshi Udai Pratap Singh Ju Deo, founded Hewett Kshatriya High School in Varanasi in 1909 which was raised to the level of an Intermediate College in 1921 and was rechristened Udai Pratap Intermediate College, Varanasi. The institution was further elevated to the level of a degree college in 1949 when it commenced undergraduate classes in Arts and Commerce. This was followed by the beginning of Science classes in 1950, Agriculture in 1963 and B.Ed in October 1972.

Post Graduation in some subjects of Science and Arts was initiated in July 1970 and in agriculture in July 1972.The College was the first in Uttar Pradesh to be conferred autonomy by UGC in July 1991 and thus it has grown to its present status and known as Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi. The College is co-educational in character.

The neat and clean and well maintained campus comprises 30 departments in Arts, Science, Commerce, Education and Agriculture faculties and offers teaching programmes leading to B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.Sc.(Ag), M.A., M.Sc., M.Com, M.Sc. (Ag), B. Ed. Ph.D. programme is available in almost all the subjects in Arts, Science, Commerce and Agriculture. P.G. Diploma is offered in Computer Application and Environmental Science.

The College follows annual system of academic work in Faculty of Science, Arts, Commerce, and Education. The Faculty of Agriculture follows the semester system as well as credit system.

FOUNDER - Late Rajarshi Udai Pratap Singh JuDeo

Udai Pratap College, Varanasi was founded in the year 1909 as a High School.It owes its existence to the philanthropy and benevolence of Late Rajarshi Udai Pratap Singh JuDeo, Raja of Bhinaga (District -Baharaich, u.P.). Though born a Raja he became a Sanyasi (recluse) for the welfare of the society. He was bom on 3 September 1850 and passed away in 1913. The intervening period of 63 years was a period of political and cultural upheaval in the history of our country. In 1857, the fist war of independence was fought against the British rule. Although the ripple did not last long, because it was crushed brutally by the empire, but it fired the imagination of people of our country for securing freedom from the foreign yoke. People felt that open revolt against technically highly advanced British Empire may prove futile. Politically and socially conscious thinkers of our country thought to take some cue from Britishers themselves. They felt the necessity of instilling the sense of dignity among the youth of the country for glorious past, but at the same time, the inclusion of progressive elements from the European culture was also thought inevitable. The formative period of Rajarshi's life was spent in such an environment.

As wise men think alike, in line with the thinking of Sir Sayed Ahamad Khan and Mahamana Pandit Mahan Mohan Malviya, Rajarshi felt the necessity of having an educational system where boys and girls develop a scientific and rational approach and at the same time may have deep sense of honor and dignity for their culture. With this in mind, he founded Hewett Kshatriya High School in Varanasi which has grown into Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi.

On the occasion of laying the Foundation Stone of Hewett Kshatriyo High School on 25 November 1909, Rajarshi sent a massage to be read at the time which sums up his philosophy about education and can be of much use to the mankind in the present environment of terror and violence.

"....Knowledge was given to man to bless and not to harass mankind. The education that does not further the ends of Universal peace and progress is not deserving of the name. ...'we must not efface from our minds the fact thqt we are not only born in the land of Rama and Buddha but that we also lay claim to the same blood flowing in our veins; the one most cheerfully renounced his crown and his kingdom in obedience to his fother and his king; while the other did the same in order to preach universal love and peace..."

Rajarshi had held several honourable posts in the government. He was advisor to Education Commission. He was made member of Union Public Service Commission in the year 1886.In acknowledgement and recognition to his erudition, he was chosen fellow of Allahabad and Calcutta Universities. He was a social and political thinker and expressed his views about several matters like democracy etc. He regularly contributed articles on various social, academic and political issues in a famous British paper "Nineteenth Century." He has written a number of books and several articles and had a rare command of the English language.

Apart from establishing this college, he established quite a few other institutions and gave financial contributions to several institutions. He established an orphans' home, Bhinga Raj Anathalaya at Kamachchha in Varanasi and also created a permanent fund by donating it Rs. 1,23,000/- to meet the recurring expenses. He donated thousands and lacs of rupees to several social organizations, to name a few- KG Medical College, Luclanow; Moolghandh Kuti Vihar,Sarnath; Calvin Taluqedar College, Lucknow; Hindi Pracharini Sabha,etc. He also created several permanent funds for providing scholarships to students from the interest earned. He will be long remembered for his nobled deeds

Office Bearers

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh : Principal

Dr. Padmakar Singh : Ex-Principal,Controller of Examination,Co-ordinator-IGNOU(2708)

Dr. Narendra Pratap Singh : Dean,Student Welfare

Dr. Rana Pratap Singh : Chief Proctor

Dr. Vijay Bahadur Singh : Chief Warden

Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh : Public Information Officer

Dr. Om Prakash Singh : N.C.C. Incharge


The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, humanities, commerce, science, agriculture and education. The college has been granted autonomous status by UGC and government of Uttar Pradesh, getting the authority to design and implement its own courses, and to conduct the examination and announce the results. The college has been accredited B++ by NAAC.

IGNOU has opened a study center in the campus through which thousands of students get distance education in several disciplines.Dr.Padmakar Singh is the Co-ordinator of the study centre.


Faculty of Science

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Commerce

Courses Offered

A. Bachelor's Degree

B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. Maths., B.Sc. Bio., B.Sc. Agriculture, B.Ed.

B. Master's Degree:

M.A. : Hindi,Geography, Economics, Political Science, Ancient History, Sociology

M.Sc. : Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Statistics


M.Sc. (Ag.) : Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Horticulture, Ag. Economics, Ag.Chemistry & Soil Science

C. UG Diploma:


D. PG Diploma:

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application P.G.D.C.A

Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental science P.G.D.E.S

E. Career Oriented Courses

Information & Computer Technology



Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Udai Pratap Autonomous College Varanasi a premier institution of higher learning has constituted the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The committee was formulated based on the recommendations given by National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) Bangalore. The Cell has the responsibility of ensuring the improvement and sustenance of quality education by developing a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of College.

Members of the cell:

3. Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh (Eco.) : Teacher Member

4. Dr. G.S. Rathore : Teacher Member

5. Dr Sant Kumar Singh : Teacher Member

6. Dr. (Smt.) Garima Singh : Teacher Member

7. Shri Udai Bhan Singh : (Special CJM) Administration

8. Dr. Kirti Singh : Member from Management

9. Dr. S.J. Singh : Member from Management

10. Dr. Mool Chand Singh : Member from Local Community

11. Dr. Rudra Pal Singh : Member from Local Community

12. Dr. Devendra Kumar Singh : Coordinator (Member Secretary)

Other Units of Udai Pratap Educational Society

U.P. Inter College

Rani Murar Kumari Ballika Inter College

Udai Pratap Public School

Rajarshi School Of Management and Technology (RSMT)


Apart from academic activities, the college has excellent records in the field of sports and games.


In the campus it has its own hospital to provide regular medical service to the students and the staff. It has a chain of hostels to provide residential accommodation to its students.



Justice K.N. Singh,

Former Chief Justice,

Supreme Court, India

Vice President:

Prof. Kirti Singh,

Former VC NDVAT, Faizabad


Shri U.N.Sinha,

Retd. I.A.S.

Ex. Officio Member's :

•Principal, Udai Pratap Autonomous College, Varanasi

•Principal, Udai Pratap Inter College, Varanasi

•Commissioner, Varanasi Zone.

•District Magistrate, Varanasi.

•C.M.O. Varanasi

Life Member:

•Raja Chandra Mani Kant Singh


•Prof. N.K. Singh,

Former Chairman, International Airport Authority of India

•Padmabhushan Prof. R.B. Singh

Ex-Director IARI, New Delhi

•Dr. Y.P. Singh

•Prof. Shailendra Singh

•Dr. R.D. Pawar

•Prof. U.S. Sinha

•Justice K. D. Shahi

•Shri J.P. Singh,

Retd. I.A.S

•Prof. Ranveer Singh

•Prof. D.P. Singh

UGC Nominee :

•Sri. K.P. Singh


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