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Qanate Kurdo

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Title: Qanate Kurdo  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Tosinê Reşîd, Kurdish literature, Ali Taramakhi, Ali Hariri, Khana Qubadi
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Qanate Kurdo

Qanate Kurdo or Kanat Kalashevich Kurdoev, (Russian: Курдоев, Канат Калашевич, Kurdish: Qanatê Kurdo; 1909 – October 31, 1985), was a Kurdish writer, linguist and academic. He was born in the village of Sûsiz near Kars in north-eastern Turkey. He attended a Kurdish school in Tbilisi. Many other Kurdish writers (such as Dr. Çerkez Bakayêv) in the former Soviet Union were also educated in that school. In 1928, he went to Saint Petersburg to continue his studies, where he attended the Language, history and literature department of University of Leningrad. He received his PhD in 1941. After World War II he began teaching Kurdish language and culture in the faculty of Oriental Studies. In 1960, he became the head of the new Kurdology section of the faculty. He died in Leningrad on October 31, 1985.


Qanate Kurdo wrote more than 100 monographs, books and articles on the Kurdish language, history and folklore. He also supervised more than 20 other Kurdologists.

Books on Kurdish language

  1. Kurdoev, K. K., Grammatika kurdskogo jazyka (kurmandzhi): fonetika, morfologija (The grammar of the Kurdish language:Phonetic, Morphology), Moscow, 1957
  2. Kurdoev, K. K., Kurdsko-Russki Slovar (Kurmanji-Russian Dictionary), 890 p., Moscow, 1960.
  3. Kurdoev, K. K., Ḥālatakānī jins u bīnāy barkār la zāzādā: On gender and number in the Zaza dialect of Kurdish, Translated by Azīz Ibrāhīm, Chāpkhānay Kōrī Zānyārī Kurd, Baghdad 1977, 32 p.
  4. Kurdoev, K. K., Grammatika kurdskogo iazyka na materiale dialektov kurmandzhi i sorani Moskva (The comparison of the grammar of Kurdish dialects: North Kurmanji and south Kurmanji), 293 p., 1978.
  5. Kurdoev, K. K. and Yusupova, Z.A., Kurdsko-Russki Slovar (Sorani) Russkii yazik (Sorani-Russian Dictionary), 752 p.,Moscow, 1983.

Literature and Folklore

  1. Tarîxa Edebiyata Kurdî, cilda 1 (The history of Kurdish Literature), two volumes,1983/1985.
  2. Duwanzdeh varîant, Mem û Zîn (Twelve versions of Mam and Zin), 1996.


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  • Hin lêkolîn û berhemên li ser zimanê Kurdî (List of works on the Kurdish language) (see Kurdoev)

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