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Title: Phagosome  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Phagolysosome, NADPH oxidase, Cross-presentation, Macrophage, Lysosome
Collection: Cell Biology, Vesicles
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In lysosomes in their maturation process, forming phagolysosomes.

Some bacterial pathogens that enter cells inside phagosomes either reproduce inside of the formed phagolysosome (e.g. Coxiella spp.)[1] or escape into the cytoplasm before the phagosome fuses with the lysosome (e.g. Rickettsia spp.).[2] Many mycobacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis [3] [4] and Mycobacteria avium paratuberculosis ,[5] manipulate the host macrophage to prevent nitrous acid-containing lysosomes from fusing with phagosomes and creating mature phagolysosomes. Such incomplete maturation of the phagosome maintains an environment favorable to the pathogens inside it. [6]

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