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Paramilitary forces of Pakistan

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Title: Paramilitary forces of Pakistan  
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Subject: Imtiazi Sanad, Pakistan Coast Guards, Mehran Force, Sind Regiment, Aftab Ahmad Khan
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Paramilitary forces of Pakistan

Paramilitary forces of pakistan.
Service branches

Pakistan National Guard
Frontier Corps
Frontier Constabulary
Pakistan Rangers
Pakistan Coast Guard
Airport Security Force Maritime Security Agency

Gilgit Baltistan Scouts
Headquarters Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar & Gilgit

The constitutionally charged with safeguarding Pakistan from external and internal threats as well as maintaining internal law and order. Their current strength is approximately over 420,000 personnel.[1]

The paramilitary forces can be divided into three categories, performing three distinct roles: Firstly the armed security forces (the Rangers and Frontier Corps), secondly a reserve force (the National Guard), and thirdly the Maritime Security Agency.

The Northern Light Infantry which was a paramilitary force until 1999, is now part of the Pakistan Army.


Pakistan Ranger at the Joint Check Post between India and Pakistan at Wagah.
Service Total active duty personnel
Pakistan National Guard 185,000[2]
Pakistan Rangers 100,000[2]
Frontier Corps 80,000[2]
Gilgit Baltistan Scouts 2,481[2]
Frontier Constabulary 30,000
Airport Security Force 8,930
Pakistan Coast Guard Classified[2]
Maritime Security Agency 2,500[2]
Anti Terrorist Elite Force Classified[2]
Total 420,000[3]


  • Pakistan Rangers: The Rangers are headquartered in Lahore, Punjab and in Karachi, Sindh. This force has a border security role on the international borders of Punjab and Sindh and perform internal security duties as an extension of the Army. This force is organised on a provincial level but are subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior and are commanded by seconded army generals.
    • Mehran Force: The Mehran Force, based in the Sindh province, performed the same function as the Punjab-based Rangers. The Mehran Force became the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) in 1995.[4] It was a force of 25,000 men divided into "wings" of approximately 800 men each.
  • Maritime Security Agency: The 2,500-strong Maritime Security Agency, headquartered in Karachi, is a coast guard and is responsible for patrolling Pakistan's territorial waters. The MSA is equipped with a former Pakistan Navy destroyer, two coastal patrol craft and four oceanic patrol craft.


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