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North Korea at the Olympics

North Korea at the Olympic Games

Flag of North Korea
IOC code  PRK
NOC Olympic Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) first participated at the Olympic Games in 1964, appearing only in the Winter Olympic Games that year. Eight years later in 1972, the nation first participated at the Summer Olympic Games. Since then, the nation has appeared in every Summer Games, except when North Korea joined the Soviet-led boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympics, and when they boycotted the 1988 Games in Seoul, South Korea. North Korea's attendance at the Winter Games has been infrequent; only seven of the last twelve Games have included a North Korean team. In 2010 a team competed at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

North Korean athletes have won a total of 47 medals, two of which were won at the Winter Games.

The National Olympic Committee for North Korea is the Olympic Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and was created in 1953 and recognized in 1957.

North Korea participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time in 2012. Persons with disabilities in North Korea (with the exception of veterans) were reported in 2006 by The Daily Telegraph to be locked away in camps, and "subjected to harsh and sub-human conditions",[1] although the United Nations reports that the government is "beginning to consider welfare for the disabled".[2] However the charity Handicap International reports that it has been operating in North Korea since 1999, assisting the Korean Federation for the Protection of Disabled People.[3] Yahoo news reported in 2012 that a paralympic cultural centre exists in the capital Pyongyang.[4]


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Medal tables

List of medalists

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Silver Han Pil-Hwa 1964 Innsbruck Speed skating Women's 3000 metres
 Gold Li Ho-Jun 1972 Munich Shooting 50 metre rifle prone
 Silver Kim U-Gil 1972 Munich Boxing Light flyweight
 Bronze Kim Yong Ik 1972 Munich Judo Men's lightweight
 Bronze Ri Chun-Ok
Kim Myong-Suk
Kim Jung-Bok
Kang Ok-Sun
Kim Un-Ja
Hwang Hye-Suk
Chang Ok-Rim
Paek Myong-Suk
Ryom Chun-Ja
Kim Su-Dae
Chong Ok-Jin
1972 Munich Volleyball Women's volleyball
 Bronze Kim Gwong-Hyong 1972 Munich Wrestling Men's freestyle flyweight
 Gold Gu Yong-Ju 1976 Montreal Boxing Bantamweight
 Silver Li Byong-Uk 1976 Montreal Boxing Light flyweight
 Silver Ho Bong-Chol 1980 Moscow Weightlifting Men's flyweight
 Silver Jang Se-Hong 1980 Moscow Wrestling Men's freestyle light flyweight
 Silver Li Ho-Pyong 1980 Moscow Wrestling Men's freestyle bantamweight
 Bronze Li Byong-Uk 1980 Moscow Boxing Light flyweight
 Bronze Han Gyong-Si 1980 Moscow Weightlifting Men's flyweight
 Gold Choi Chol-Su 1992 Barcelona Boxing Flyweight
 Gold Pae Gil-Su 1992 Barcelona Gymnastics Men's pommel horse
 Gold Kim Il 1992 Barcelona Wrestling Men's freestyle light flyweight
 Gold Li Hak-Son 1992 Barcelona Wrestling Men's freestyle flyweight
 Bronze Li Gwang-Sik 1992 Barcelona Boxing Bantamweight
 Bronze Li Bun-Hui and Yu Sun-Bok 1992 Barcelona Table tennis Women's doubles
 Bronze Li Bun-Hui 1992 Barcelona Table tennis Women's singles
 Bronze Kim Myong-Nam 1992 Barcelona Weightlifting Men's middleweight
 Bronze Kim Yong-Sik 1992 Barcelona Wrestling Men's freestyle bantamweight
 Bronze Hwang Ok-Sil 1992 Albertville Short track speed skating Women's 500 metres
 Gold Kye Sun-Hui 1996 Atlanta Judo Women's extra lightweight
 Gold Kim Il 1996 Atlanta Wrestling Men's freestyle light flyweight
 Silver Kim Myong Nam 1996 Atlanta Weightlifting Men's lightweight
 Bronze Jon Chol Ho 1996 Atlanta Weightlifting Men's middleweight
 Bronze Ri Yong-Sam 1996 Atlanta Wrestling Men's freestyle bantamweight
 Silver Ri Song Hui 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
 Bronze Kim Un-Chol 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's light flyweight
 Bronze Kye Sun-Hui 2000 Sydney Judo Women's half lightweight
 Bronze Kang Yong-Gyun 2000 Sydney Wrestling Men's Greco-Roman 54 kg
 Silver Kim Song-Guk 2004 Athens Boxing Featherweight
 Silver Kye Sun-Hui 2004 Athens Judo Women's lightweight
 Silver Kim Hyang Mi 2004 Athens Table tennis Women's singles
 Silver Ri Song Hui 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
 Bronze Kim Jong Su 2004 Athens Shooting Men's 50 metre pistol
 Gold Hong Un Jong 2008 Beijing Gymnastics Women's vault (artistic gymnastics)
 Gold Pak Hyon Suk 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Women's 63 kg
 Silver An Kum Ae 2008 Beijing Judo Women's lightweight
 Bronze O Jong Ae 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
 Bronze Pak Chol-Min 2008 Beijing Judo Men's lightweight
 Bronze Won Ok Im 2008 Beijing Judo Women's lightweight
 Gold Om Yun-Chol 2012 London Weightlifting Men's 56 kg
 Gold An Kum-Ae 2012 London Judo Women's 52 kg
 Gold Kim Un-Guk 2012 London Weightlifting Men's 62kg
 Gold Rim Jong-Sim 2012 London Weightlifting Women's 69kg
 Bronze Ryang Chun-Hwa 2012 London Weightlifting Women's 48 kg
 Bronze Yang Kyong-Il 2012 London Wrestling Men's freestyle 55 kg

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