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National Association of Racing

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Title: National Association of Racing  
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Subject: Takamatsunomiya Kinen, Takarazuka Kinen, Horse racing, Japan Cup
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National Association of Racing

The National Association of Racing (Japanese: 地方競馬全国協会 Chiho Keiba Zenkoku Kyokai, or NAR) is a public company consisting of the local governments in Japan (Prefectures, cities/towns/villages or unions of them) who operate horse racing. In Japan, horse racing operated by local governments are called chiho keiba (Japanese: 地方競馬).

NAR itself does not operate horse races. [1]


Here is the list of racetracks holding races operated by local governments (as of January 2014).

Operator Racetrack
Hokkaido Prefecture Mombetsu Racecourse (Hidaka, Hokkaido)
Obihiro City Obihiro Racecourse (Obihiro, Hokkaido) - Ban'ei race
Iwate Prefecture
Morioka City
Oshu city
Morioka Racecourse (Morioka, Iwate)
Mizusawa Racecourse (Oshu, Iwate)
Saitama Prefecture
Saitama City
Urawa Racecourse (Minami-ku, Saitama, Saitama)
Chiba Prefecture
Funabashi City
Narashino City
Funabashi Racecourse (Funabashi, Chiba)
Tokyo 23 Ward Cities Oi Racecourse (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Kanagawa Prefecture
Kawasaki City
Kawasaki Racecourse (Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
Ishikawa Prefecture
Kanazawa City
Kanazawa Racecourse (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)
Gifu Prefecture
Kasamatsu Town
Ginan town
Kasamatsu Racecourse (Kasamatsu, Gifu)
Aichi Prefecture
Nagoya City
Toyoake City
Nagoya Racecourse (Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi)
Hyōgo Prefecture
Amagasaki City
Sonoda Racecourse (Amagasaki, Hyogo)
Kōchi Prefecture
Kōchi City
Kochi Racecourse (Kōchi, Kōchi)
Saga Prefecture
Tosu City
Saga Racecourse (Tosu, Saga)

Racetrack used to hold prefectural/municipal races

The following courses now hold only Japan Racing Association (JRA) races.

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  1. ^ 地方競馬全国協会 (in 日本語).  

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