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Myers Motors

Myers Motors is a small automobile company operating in Tallmadge, Ohio. Their vehicle, the Myers Motors NmG (which stands for "No More Gas") is a single-passenger, three-wheeled, battery electric vehicle designed specifically for commuting and city driving. It was initially produced by Corbin Motors as the Sparrow and now by Myers Motors. It is a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV).[1] The company is developing the Duo, a two-passenger EV with a similar design, but using more advanced battery technology.


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Corbin Sparrow

Corbin Motors was a manufacturer of sporty pure electric, gas efficient and hybrid vehicles. The company was founded by Mike Corbin and his son, Tom Corbin.

In January 1996, Corbin Motors began work on developing an electric vehicle. The Sparrow passed final testing for Department of Transportation certification in April 1999. In September of that year, the Sparrow production line began manufacturing multiple vehicles in Hollister, California. They also made the Corbin Merlin that was available as both coupé and roadster.[2]

Fewer than 300 Sparrows were produced. Corbin Motors filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on March 31, 2003, effectively killing the immediate future of the Corbin Sparrow.[3] A bankruptcy court passed the Corbin assets to Ron Huch's company, Phoenix Environmental Motors, which tried to revive the Sparrow. There were discussions about the production being continued by SLP Canada.[4] On August 5, 2004, Ohio businessman Dana Myers bought the Sparrow interests from Ron Huch, forming the new company Myers Motors.


The new company upgraded the Sparrow, renamed it the MM NmG ("No more Gas"), and started selling it in April 2006.[5] In June 2008 the website listed a price of $29,995 without taxes or shipping. In 2009 the NmG began to use lithium batteries which Myers Motors claims doubled its driving range to 60 miles between charges.[6]


In October 2009 Myers Motors announced that a 2-passenger model will be introduced in the 4th Quarter of 2010.[7] Myers Motors ran a naming competition for its 2-passenger vehicle and selected the winning name Duo, an acronym for "Doesn't Use Oil".

The Myers Motors company's next-generation vehicle, the Duo, is a two-passenger electric vehicle with a base model range of 60 miles, planned to be available in 2011.[5]


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