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Mark Diesendorf

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Title: Mark Diesendorf  
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Subject: Anti-nuclear movement in Australia, Renewable energy commercialization, Nuclear power debate, List of environmental books, Nuclear power
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Mark Diesendorf

Mark Diesendorf is an Australian academic and environmentalist, known for his work in promoting environmentally sustainable practices in industry. He currently teaches Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales, Australia. He was formerly Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Technology, Sydney and a principal research scientist with CSIRO where he was involved in early research on integrating wind power into electricity grids.

Diesendorf currently serves on the editorial boards of several international scholarly journals. His most recent book is Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change.


Mark Diesendorf is the son of the engineer [1] For a few years around 1980 he was the Principal Research Scientist and leader of the Applied Mathematics group in CSIRO.[2] He has also been a Professor of Environmental Science at UTS and the Vice-President of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics.

Since 2004, Diesendorf has been a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Environmental Studies at the [3]

Currently Dr Diesendorf serves on the editorial boards of several international scholarly journals.[3] Previously he was the Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), a Based on his belief that science, technology and economics should serve the community at large, Dr Diesendorf has been at various times the Secretary of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science (Canberra), co-founder and Vice-President of the Sustainable Energy Industries Council of Australia, and co-founder and President of the Australasian Wind Energy Association.[3]

Mark Diesendorf has been one of the leading proponents calling for the ethical, scientific debate over public water fluoridation. Diesendorf has authored several papers, including a 1986 article entitled "The mystery of declining tooth decay" in the journal Nature, examining the need for a scientific re-evaluation of fluoridation and has highlighted some of the contrary evidence.[1][4]

Recent peer-reviewed publications

  • Saddler H, Diesendorf M, Denniss R 2007, 'Clean energy scenarios for Australia', Energy Policy 35 (2): 1245–56.
  • Diesendorf M 2006, 'Wind power in Australia', Int J Environ Stud. 63 (6): 765–776.
  • Diesendorf, M., 2006, 'Can geosequestration save the coal industry?', in J. Byrne, L. Glover and N. Toly (eds), Transforming Power: Energy as a Social Project, Vol. 9, Energy and Environmental Policy Series, Transaction Press, pp. 223–248.
  • Diesendorf M 2005, 'Governance of municipalities: a snapshot of sustainable development in China', in Hargroves KC and Smith MH (eds), The Natural Advantage of Nations: Business opportunities, innovation and governance in the 21st century, Earthscan, London & Sterling VA, pp. 303–305.

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