List of shopping malls in Belgium

This is a list of shopping malls in Belgium.


  • Wijnegem Shopping Center in Wijnegem (Antwerp). The largest shopping mall of Belgium and of the Benelux with 61.913 m² of retail space and 250 shops.[1]
  • Shopping Stadsfeestzaal is a shopping complex inside a Neoclassical building located in Antwerp's main shopping street: Meir. This building contains 40 shops spread over 4 floors. [2]
  • Grand Bazar Antwerp is a shopping center in the heart of the historical center near the Grand Place and the Cathedral of Our Lady with 48 shops. [3]
  • Century Center Shopping is a small shopping center with 36 shops near Antwerp's largest railway station. [4]
  • Shopping Den Tir is another small shopping center with 19 shops located outside of Antwerp's city center in one of its districts. [5]


  • City2 Shopping Mall is located in the heart of Brussels center and at the same time in Brussels main shopping street: Rue Neuve. With its 104 shops on a surface of 51.000 m² it is the biggest urban Belgian shopping mall. [6]
  • "The W Shopping, Woluwe" (also known as Woluwe Shopping Center) in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert has 130 shops with a commercial surface of 45.000 m². [7]
  • Westland Shopping, Anderlecht, with 140 stores and a commercial surface of 10.000 m². [8]
  • Basilix shopping Center, Sint-Agatha-Berchem is a shopping complex with a commercial surface of 18.683 m² containing 65 shops. [9]


  • Waasland Shopping Center, Sint-Niklaas. This shopping mall is located in the Northern part of Belgium, 26 km west of Antwerp. Its commercial surface of 47.000 m² covers 140 shops. [10]


  • Médiacité, with 124 stores covering 45.000 m² total shopping area. This is the biggest shopping mall of Belgium's French-speaking area. [11]
  • Galeries Saint Lambert is situated in the commercial heart of Liège and has a surface area of 44.000 m² with 40 shops. [12]


  • "K" in Kortrijk, Kortrijk, is a shopping mall with 95 shops on a commercial area of 34.000 m². [13]
  • Ring Shopping Kortrijk Noord, Kortrijk is a shopping mall with 80 shops on a commercial area of 35.000 m². [14]


  • Shopping 1 is located in the city Genk, in the Eastern part of Belgium. The commercial area is 27.100 m² with 95 shops. [15]
  • Shopping 3 is another shopping center in Genk with 38 shops. [16]


  • L'Esplanade


  • Les Grands Pres, Mons (cinema with 14 auditoriums, an exhibition centre, a high-tech office park)

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