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List of biblical names starting with T

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See Bible Study Tools Library letter T or Christian Classics Ethereal Library letter T or Smith's Bible Dictionary letter T or Easton's Bible Dictionary letter T for additional definitions and Biblical sources. Most of the men's and women's biblical names can be found in Herbert Lockyer's books with a biblical source where in the bible they can be found.[1] Many also have a short study on the name.[1] Most of the Biblical name definitions for places, cities, countries, angels, gods, mountains and Hebrew names can be found in Nancy M. Tischler's two volume encyclopedia All things in the Bible, an encyclopedia of the biblical world with a short study on each of them.[2]

  • Taanach, who humbles thee; who answers thee[3]
  • Taanach-shilo, breaking down a fig-tree[3]
  • Tabbath, good; goodness[3]
  • Tabbaoth, rings[4]
  • Tabeal, Tabeel, good God[3]
  • Tabelel, God is good[5]
  • Taberah, burning[3]
  • Tabering, to beat with loud strokes[6][7]
  • Tabitha, gazelle[3]
  • Tabor, choice; purity; bruising[3]
  • Tabrimon, good pomegranate; the navel; the middle[3]
  • Tadmor, the palm-tree; bitterness[3]
  • Tahan, beseeching; merciful[3]
  • Tahapenes, secret temptation[3]
  • Tahath, fear; going down[3]
  • Tahpenes, standard; flight; temptation[3]
  • Tahrea, anger; wicked contention[3]
  • Talitha-cumi, young woman, arise[3]
  • Talmai, my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of waters[3]
  • Tamah, blotting or wiping out; smiting[3]
  • Tamar, date palm; date-tree erect[3]
  • Tammuz, abstruse; concealed; consumed[3]
  • Tanhumeth, consolation; repentance[3]
  • Taphath, distillation; drop[3]
  • Tappuah, apple; swelling[3]
  • Tarah, a hair; a wretch; one banished[3]
  • Taralah, searching out slander, or strength[3]
  • Tarea, howling; doing evil[3]
  • Tarpelites, ravishers; succession of miracles[3]
  • Tarshish, contemplation; examination[3]
  • Tarsus, winged; feathered[3]
  • Tartak, chained; bound; shut up[3]
  • Tartan, a general (official title)[3]
  • Tatnai, that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes[3]
  • Tebah, murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook[3]
  • Tebaliah, baptism, or goodness, of the Lord[3]
  • Tebeth, good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)[3]
  • Tehinnah, entreaty; a favor[3]
  • Tekel, weight[3]
  • Tekoa, trumpet; that is confirmed[3]
  • Telabib, a heap of new grain[3]
  • Telah, moistening; greenness[3]
  • Telassar, taking away; heaping up[3]
  • Telem, their dew; their shadow[3]
  • Telharsa, suspension of the plow[3]
  • Tel-melah, heap of salt[3]
  • Tema, admiration; perfection; consummation[3]
  • Teman, Temani, the south; Africa; perfect[3]
  • Terah, to breathe; scent; blow[3]
  • Teraphim, images; idols[3]
  • Tertius, third[3]
  • Tertullus, third[3]
  • Tetrarch, governor of a fourth part[3]
  • Thaddeus, that praises or confesses[3]
  • Thahash, that makes haste; that keeps silence[3]
  • Thamah, that blots out; that suppresses[3]
  • Thamar, fruit, outcome[8]
  • Tharah, same as Terah[3]
  • Thebez, muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk[3]
  • Thelasar, same as Telassar[3]
  • Theophilus, friend of God[3]
  • Thessalonica, victory against the Thessalians[3]
  • Theudas, flowing with water[3]
  • Thomas, a twin[3]
  • Thuhash, badger[9]
  • Thummim, perfection; truth[3]
  • Thyatira, a perfume; sacrifice of labor[3]
  • Tibbath, killing; a cook[3]
  • Tiberias, good vision; the navel[3]
  • Tiberius, the son of Tiber[3]
  • Tibni, straw; hay[3]
  • Tidal, that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation[3]
  • Tiglath-Pileser, that binds or takes away captivity[3]
  • Tikvah, hope; a little line; congregation[3]
  • Tilon, murmuring[3]
  • Timeus, perfect; admirable; honorable[3]
  • Timnah, forbidding[3]
  • Timnath, image; figure; enumeration[3]
  • Timnath-heres, or Timnath-serah, image of the sun; numbering of the rest[3]
  • Timon, honorable; worthy[3]
  • Timotheus, honor of God; valued of God[3]
  • Tiphsah, passage; leap; step; the passover[3]
  • Tire, headdress[10][11]
  • Tirhakah, inquirer; examiner; dull observer[3]
  • Tiria, searching out[3]
  • Tirras, desire[12]
  • Tirshatha, a governor[3]
  • Tirza, Pleasantness[13]
  • Tirzah, benevolent; complaisant; pleasing[3]
  • Tishbite, that makes captive[3]
  • Titus, pleasing[3]
  • Toah, weapon; dart[3]
  • Tob, good; goodness[3]
  • Tob-adonijah, my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord[3]
  • Tobiah, Tobijah, the Lord is good[3]
  • Tochen, middle[3]
  • Togarmah, which is all bone[3]
  • Tohu, that lives; that declares[3]
  • Toi, who wanders[3]
  • Tola, worm; grub; scarlet[3]
  • Tophet, a drum; betraying[3]
  • Topheth, place of burning[14]
  • Trachonitis, stony[3]
  • Troas, penetrated[3]
  • Trophimus, well educated; well brought up[3]
  • Tryphena, delicious; delicate[3]
  • Tryphon, masculine of Tryphena[3]
  • Tryphosa, thrice shining[3]
  • Tubal, the earth; the world; confusion[3]
  • Tubal-Cain, worldly possession; possessed of confusion[3]
  • Tychicus, casual; by chance[3]
  • Tyrannus, a prince; one that reigns[3]
  • Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp[3]


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