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List of Canadian mobile phone companies

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Title: List of Canadian mobile phone companies  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Petro-Canada Mobility, Cityfone, Public Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility
Collection: Lists of Companies of Canada, Lists of Mobile Phone Companies, Mobile Phone Companies of Canada, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Telecommunications Lists
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List of Canadian mobile phone companies

This is a list of mobile network operators in Canada.

As of Q2 2014, there are over 27 million wireless subscriptions in Canada. Approximately 90% of cell phone users subscribe to one of the three largest Canadian telecom companies (Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, and Telus Mobility) or one of their subsidiary brands.


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Mobile network operators

This list is ordered from largest to smallest by the number of current subscriptions.

Mobile Provider Brands and Subsidiaries % of Canadian population covered Subscriptions (2015) Blended ARPU monthly (2014)
Postpaid Prepaid Total
Rogers Communications Rogers Wireless, Fido, Chatr, Cityfone, Mobilicity LTE: 88%[1]
HSPA+: 91%
GSM: 97%[2]
8,193,000 1,340,000 9,533,000 $82.02
Telus Mobility[note 1] Telus, Koodo, Mike, Clearnet, Public Mobile LTE: 95%
HSPA+: 99%
[3][note 2]
7,145,000 1,144,000 8,289,000 $63.13
Bell Canada Enterprises Bell Mobility, Virgin, Solo, Northwestel, Télébec, NorthernTel LTE: 93%
HSPA+: 98%
[4][note 2]
7,145,420 957,294 8,102,714 $60.07
WIND Mobile Corporation WIND Mobile HSPA+: 44%[5] N/A 800,000 $38.00
SaskTel Mobility SaskTel Saskatchewan N/A 615,694 $64.39
Videotron Mobile Videotron Québec and Ottawa N/A 662,100 $69.44
MTS Mobility MTS Manitoba 409,084 65,517 474,601 $59.70
Bragg Communications EastLink Atlantic N/A
TBayTel TBayTel Thunder Bay, Superior Wireless N/A
Ice Wireless Ice Wireless Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut N/A
  1. ^ Telus numbers include those of recently acquired of Public and may be different from CWTA-reported.
  2. ^ a b Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility have a multiple operator core network agreement to provide a common radio network to the customer (distinct from a roaming arrangement, where the radio networks are separate). Bell builds most of its towers in Eastern Canada, while most of Telus' towers are in Western Canada.

In addition, as of October 22, 2013 the following companies expressed their interest in becoming mobile carriers as part of Canada's 2014 700 MHz spectrum auction by becoming provisional bidders: Feenix Wireless Inc, Catalyst Capital Group, Vecima Networks, Novus Wireless, and a numbered Alberta company controlled by Corridor Communications.[7]

Market Share

Market share of Canadian mobile network operators in Q1 2013
Telus Mobility
Bell Mobility
Rogers Wireless
Fido Solutions
SaskTel Mobility
Wind Mobile
MTS Mobility
Videotron Mobile
Bell Aliant
Note that Fido Solutions is listed as a separate entity from Rogers Wireless. Mobilicity and Public Mobile are excluded due to lack of Q1 2013 numbers.

Mobile networks

Operator Technology Frequency Ownership Roaming
Airtel Wireless No No Yes No No No No No Airtel Wireless Ltd. None
Bell Mobility No Yes (shut down Jan 1, 2017) No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Bell Canada Enterprises Telus Mobility
Eastlink Roaming[note 1] No No Yes Yes Roaming[note 1] No Yes Eastlink Rogers Wireless / Bell Mobility
Fleetcom No No Yes No No No No No Fleetcom Inc. None
Ice Wireless Yes No No Yes No Yes No No Ice Wireless Rogers Wireless
Keewaytinook Mobile Yes No No No No No No No Keewaytinook Okimakanak's (KO) Kuhkenah Network Rogers Wireless
Lynx Mobility Yes No No No No Yes No No Lynx Mobility Bell Mobility / Telus Mobility
Mobilicity Roaming[note 1] No No Yes No Roaming[note 1] No Yes Rogers Communications Rogers Wireless
MTS Mobility No Yes (shut down December 2016) No Yes Yes Yes No Yes MTS Rogers Wireless / Sasktel
Rogers Wireless Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Rogers Communications TBayTel / ICE Wireless / Bell Mobility / Telus Mobility
SaskTel Mobility No Yes (shut down 2016) No Yes Yes Yes No Yes SaskTel Bell Mobility / Telus Mobility / MTS / Rogers Wireless
Sogetel Mobilité No Yes No Yes No Yes No No Sogetel Bell Mobility
TBayTel Mobility No No No Yes Yes Yes No No Thunder Bay Telephone Rogers Wireless
Telus Mobility No Yes (shut down 2016) Yes (shut down Jan 29, 2016)[note 2] Yes Yes Yes Yes[note 2] Yes Telus Communications Bell Mobility
Videotron Mobile Roaming[note 1] No No Yes Yes Roaming[note 1] No Yes Québecor Rogers Wireless
Wind Mobile Roaming[note 1][note 3] No No Yes Experimental[note 4] Roaming[note 1][note 3] No Yes Globalive Rogers Wireless / Telus Mobility
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h Mobilicity, Videotron Mobile, and Wind Mobile allow their customers to roam on Rogers Wireless' GSM technology and Personal Communications Service (PCS) frequency network. Roaming is intended to be used when one is outside of the AWS carrier's network coverage. Eastlink also allows their customers to roam on Rogers Wireless' GSM 3G/4G network, as well as Bell's.
  2. ^ a b Telus Mobility sells Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) services using Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) frequencies. Services are sold under the Mike brand, which is available in Telus retail stores and online.
  3. ^ a b Wind Mobile adds Telus Mobility as roaming partner, boasts 14% improvement in coverage.
  4. ^ Wind Mobile confirmed to be testing basic 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology on February 3, 2011. The operator has not yet deployed LTE for general public use.

Former mobile networks

This list includes legacy network terminations as well as defunct network operators.

Operator Type Ownership Purchased by Ceased Operations Fate
Bell Mobility Ev-DO Bell N/A July 1, 2015[8] Complete CDMA shut down planned prior to 2017[8]
CityWest CityWest December 13, 2013 Wireless services discontinued. Mobile customers will be transitioned to Telus.[9]
Clearnet CDMA Clearnet Communications Telus Mobility 2000 Network merged with Telus
Dryden Municipal Telephone Service GSM, CDMA Dryden Municipal Telephone Service Wireless sold to TbayTel, Wireline toBell Aliant December 21, 2012 Wireless customers migrated to Tbaytel.[10]
Fido GSM Microcell Rogers Communications November 8, 2004 Network merged with Rogers
Fido operates as MVNO
Kenora Municipal Telephone Service CDMA Kenora Municipal Telephone Service Wireless sold to Bell Aliant February 2008 Wireless customers sold to Bell Aliant.[11]
Mobilicity AWS, HSPA+ DAVE Wireless Rogers Communications 2015 Rogers will sell Mobilicity's AWS spectrum to WIND Mobile
Northwestel Northwestel Bell Mobility June 19, 2014 Wireless services discontinued. [12]
Public Mobile CDMA with Ev-DO Public Mobile Telus Mobility August 8, 2014[13] MVNO on Telus HSPA+ network[13]
Sasktel Ev-DO Sasktel N/A September 30, 2014[14] Complete CDMA shut down planned prior to 2017[14]
Superior Wireless CDMA Superior Wireless TBayTel August 2006 Merged with TBayTel[15]
TBayTel CDMA TBayTel N/A December 31, 2014.[16]
Telus Mobility Ev-DO Telus N/A March 31, 2014[17] Ev-DO still available outside of Alberta and BC
Complete CDMA shut down planned in 2015[17]

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)

Operator Ownership Network provider
7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Ztar Mobile Rogers
Brightroam iRoam Rogers (International SIM)
Chatr Rogers Communications Rogers
Cansel Connect Cansel Rogers (Data Only)
Cityfone Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone BMO Talk & Earn Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone RBC Talk & Save Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone ScotiaBank Simply Connect Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone Sears Connect Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone Primus Wireless Cityfone Rogers
Cityfone Zoomer Wireless Cityfone Rogers
Clearnet Telus Communications Telus
DCI Wireless DCI Telecom Rogers
Execulink Mobility Execulink Telecom Bell
Fido Solutions Rogers Communications Rogers
good2go Mobile Canada Ztar Mobile Rogers
KMTS Bell Aliant Bell
Koodo Mobile Telus Communications Telus
KORE Wireless KORE Telematics Rogers (M2M)
Mobilicity Rogers Communications Rogers
NorthernTel Mobility Bell Aliant Bell
OnStar OnStar Bell (M2M)
PC Mobile Loblaws Bell(Prepaid)/Telus(Postpaid)
Petro-Canada Mobility Ztar Mobile Rogers
PhoneBox PhoneBox Rogers (Postpaid)/Telus (Postpaid)
Public Mobile Telus Communications Telus
Roam Mobility Roam Mobility Inc. T-Mobile USA
Solo Mobile Bell Mobility Bell
Télébec Mobilité Bell Aliant Bell
Virgin Mobile Canada Bell Mobility Bell

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