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House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina


House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The House of Representatives (Bosnian: Predstavnički Dom, Croatian: Zastupnički Dom and Serbian: Представнички Дом), is one of the two chambers of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the other being the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The chamber consists of 42 members which are elected by party-list proportional representation. 28 members are elected from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), and 14 from the Republika Srpska (RS). Members serve for terms of four years. The new chamber was elected on October 3, 2010.

Chairmen of the House of Representatives

# Name Term of Office Party
1 Ivo Lozančić 3 January 1997 16 September 1997 HDZ BiH
2 Slobodan Bijelić 16 September 1997 May 1998 SDS
3 Halid Genjac May 1998 August 1999 SDA
4 Mirko Banjac August 1999 29 February 2000 SDS
5 Pero Skopljak 29 February 2000 29 December 2000 HDZ BiH
6 Sead Avdić 29 December 2000 29 August 2001 SDP BiH
7 Željko Mirjanić 29 August 2001 April 2002 SNSD
8 Mariofil Ljubić April 2002 3 December 2002 HDZ BiH
9 Šefik Džaferović 9 December 2002 8 August 2003 SDA
10 Nikola Špirić 8 August 2003 8 April 2004 SNSD
11 Martin Raguž 8 April 2004 8 December 2004 HDZ BiH
12 Šefik Džaferović 8 December 2004 8 August 2005 SDA
13 Nikola Špirić 8 August 2005 8 April 2006 SNSD
14 Martin Raguž 8 April 2006 January 2007 HDZ BiH
15 Beriz Belkić 11 January 2007 11 September 2007 SBiH
16 Milorad Živković 11 September 2007 13 January 2008 SNSD
17 Niko Lozančić 13 January 2008 12 January 2009 HDZ BiH
18 Beriz Belkić 12 January 2009 11 September 2009 SBiH
19 Milorad Živković 11 September 2009 11 May 2010 SNSD
20 Niko Lozančić 11 May 2010 30 November 2010 HDZ BiH
21 Adnan Bašić (interim) 30 November 2010 20 May 2011 SBB BiH
22 Denis Bećirović 20 May 2011 20 January 2012 SDP BiH
23 Milorad Živković 20 January 2012 9 December 2014 SNSD
24 Šefik Džaferović 9 December 2014 Incumbent SDA

Latest election results and current party standings

The current number of seats each party has in the House is as follows:

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