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Title: Chicheng  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Historical urban community sizes, Actions in Inner Mongolia (1933–36), China National Highway 112, Liu Guitang
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Chicheng County

Location in Hebei

Coordinates: 40°55′N 115°50′E / 40.917°N 115.833°E / 40.917; 115.833Coordinates: 40°55′N 115°50′E / 40.917°N 115.833°E / 40.917; 115.833

Country People's Republic of China
Province Hebei
Prefecture-level city Zhangjiakou
County seat Chicheng Town (赤城镇)
 • Total 5,287 km2 (2,041 sq mi)
Elevation 882 m (2,894 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 238,169
 • Density 45/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 075500
Area code(s) 0313

Chicheng (Chinese: 赤城; pinyin: Chìchéng), or Ch’ih-ch’eng, is a county under the administration of Zhangjiakou City, northwestern Hebei province, bordering Beijing to the southeast. The total area of the county is 5,287 square kilometres (2,041 sq mi). It administrates 9 towns and 9 townships, and as of 2010, has a population of 238,169. China National Highway 112 passes through the county just south of the county seat, Chicheng Town (赤城镇).

It was the setting of Zhang Yimou's 1999 film Not One Less.


It was formerly in the far southeast of Chahar province.

Administrative divisions

Chicheng County is divided into the following 18 divisions:[1]


  • Chicheng (赤城镇)
  • Tianjiayao (田家窑镇)
  • Longguan (龙关镇)
  • Diao'e (雕鹗镇)
  • Dushikou (独石口镇)
  • Baicao (白草镇)
  • Longmensuo (龙门所镇)
  • Houcheng (后城镇)
  • Dongmao (东卯镇)


  • Paoliang Township (炮梁乡)
  • Dahaituo Township (大海陀乡)
  • Zhenningbao Township (镇宁堡乡)
  • Maying Township (马营乡)
  • Yunzhou Township (云州乡)
  • Sandaochuan Township (三道川乡)
  • Dongwankou Township (东万口乡)
  • Ciyingzi Township (茨营子乡)
  • Yangtian Township (样田乡)


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