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Canoeing at the 1992 Summer Olympics


Canoeing at the 1992 Summer Olympics

Canoeing at the
1992 Summer Olympics
C-1 men
C-2 men
K-1 men women
C-1 500 m   men  
C-1 1000 m men
C-2 500 m men
C-2 1000 m men
K-1 500 m men women
K-1 1000 m men
K-2 500 m men women
K-2 1000 m men
K-4 500 m women
K-4 1000 m men

The canoeing competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona was composed of 16 events (12 for men and 4 for women) in two disciplines, slalom and sprint. The slalom events returned to the Olympic program after a 20 year absence, since the 1972 Munich Games. Slalom events took place at La Seu d'Urgell while the sprint events took place at Castelldefels.

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's C-1  Lukáš Pollert (TCH)  Gareth Marriott (GBR)  Jacky Avril (FRA)
Men's C-2  Joe Jacobi
and Scott Strausbaugh (USA)
 Jiří Rohan
and Miroslav Šimek (TCH)
 Frank Adisson
and (FRA)
Men's K-1  Pierpaolo Ferrazzi (ITA)  Sylvain Curinier (FRA)  Jochen Lettmann (GER)
Women's K-1  Elisabeth Micheler-Jones (GER)  Danielle Woodward (AUS)  Dana Chladek (USA)


Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
C-1 500 metres  Nikolay Bukhalov (BUL)  Michał Śliwiński (EUN)  Olaf Heukrodt (GER)
C-1 1000 metres  Nikolay Bukhalov (BUL)  Ivans Klementjevs (LAT)  György Zala (HUN)
C-2 500 metres  Dmitri Dovgalenok
and Aleksandr Maseikov (EUN)
 Ulrich Papke
and Ingo Spelly (GER)
 Martin Marinov
and Blagovest Stoyanov (BUL)
C-2 1000 metres  Ulrich Papke
and Ingo Spelly (GER)
 Arne Nielsson
and Christian Frederiksen (DEN)
 Didier Hoyer
and Olivier Bolvin (FRA)
K-1 500 metres  Mikko Kolehmainen (FIN)  Zsolt Gyulai (HUN)  Knut Holmann (NOR)
K-1 1000 metres  Clint Robinson (AUS)  Knut Holmann (NOR)  Greg Barton (USA)
K-2 500 metres  Kay Bluhm
and Torsten Gutsche (GER)
 Maciej Freimut
and Wojciech Kurpiewski (POL)
 Bruno Dreossi
and Antonio Rossi (ITA)
K-2 1000 metres  Kay Bluhm
and Torsten Gutsche (GER)
 Gunnar Olsson
and Kalle Sundqvist (SWE)
 Grzegorz Kotowicz
and Dariusz Białkowski (POL)
K-4 1000 metres  Germany (GER)
Mario von Appen
Oliver Kegel
Thomas Reineck
André Wohllebe
 Hungary (HUN)
Ferenc Csipes
Zsolt Gyulay
Attila Ábrahám
László Fidel
 Australia (AUS)
Ramon Andersson
Kelvin Graham
Ian Rowling
Steven Wood

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
K-1 500 metres  Birgit Schmidt (GER)  Rita Kőbán (HUN)  Izabela Dylewska (POL)
K-2 500 metres  Ramona Portwich
and Anke von Seck (GER)
 Agneta Andersson
and Susanne Gunnarsson (SWE)
 Rita Kőbán
and Éva Dónusz (HUN)
K-4 500 metres  Hungary (HUN)
Rita Kőbán
Éva Dónusz
Erika Mészáros
Kinga Czigány
 Germany (GER)
Katrin Borchert
Ramona Portwich
Birgit Schmidt
Anke von Seck
 Sweden (SWE)
Anna Olsson
Agneta Andersson
Maria Haglund
Susanne Rosenqvist

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Germany (GER) 7 2 2 11
2  Bulgaria (BUL) 2 0 1 3
3  Hungary (HUN) 1 3 2 6
4  Australia (AUS) 1 1 1 3
5  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 1 1 0 2
 Unified Team (EUN) 1 1 0 2
7  United States (USA) 1 0 2 3
8  Italy (ITA) 1 0 1 2
9  Finland (FIN) 1 0 0 1
10  Sweden (SWE) 0 2 1 3
11  France (FRA) 0 1 3 4
12  Poland (POL) 0 1 2 3
13  Norway (NOR) 0 1 1 2
14  Denmark (DEN) 0 1 0 1
 Great Britain (GBR) 0 1 0 1
 Latvia (LAT) 0 1 0 1


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