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Archbishop of Rouen


Archbishop of Rouen

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rouen is an Archdiocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in France. As one of the fifteen Archbishops of France, the Archbishop of Rouen's ecclesiastical province comprises the majority of Normandy.

According to legend the diocese was founded by Nicasius, a disciple of St. Denis who was martyred after arriving in Normandy. It became an archdiocese probably around 744 with the accession of Grimo. Archbishop Franco baptized Rollo of Normandy in 911, and the archbishops were involved in the Norman conquest of England in 1066. Normandy was annexed to France in 1204, and Rouen was later occupied by England from 1419 to 1449 during the Hundred Years' War. In 1562 the city was briefly captured by Huguenots during the French Wars of Religion.

The suffragan dioceses of Rouen in the Middle Ages were Évreux, Avranches, Sées, Bayeux, Lisieux, and Coutances. Today its suffragans are: Diocese of Bayeux, Diocese of Coutances, Diocese of Évreux, Diocese of Le Havre, Diocese of Sées.

The seat of the archbishop is the 13th century Gothic Rouen Cathedral, which was heavily damaged during World War II and later rebuilt.


  • Nicasius (c. 250)
  • Mellonius (260-311)
  • Avitianus (311-325)
  • Severus (325-341)
  • Eusebius (c. 341-366)
  • Marcellinus (366-385)
  • Peter I (385-393)
  • Victricius (393-417)
  • Innocent (417-c. 426)
  • Sylvester (c. 426-442)
  • Malsonus (c. 442-451)
  • Germanus (c. 451-462)
  • Crescent (c. 462-488)
  • Godardus (c. 488-525), Gildard, Gildardus
  • Flavius (525-542)
  • Evodus (542-550)
  • Prætextatus (bishop of Rouen) (550-589)
  • Melancus (589-602)
  • Hidulphus (602-631)
  • Romanus (631-640)
  • Saint Ouen (641-689)
  • Ansbert (689-693)
  • Grippo (695-c. 719)
  • Roland (c. 719-c. 732)
  • Hugh of Champagne (720-730)
  • Robert I (740-744)


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