Paola e Chiara discography

Paola e Chiara discography
Studio albums 6
Compilation albums 1
EPs 3
Singles 20
Video albums 1
Music videos 27

The complete Discography of Italian pop group Paola e Chiara including Album's, Single's, Videography and DVD.


Studio albums

Year Album Peak chart positions[1][2][3] Certifications
1997 Ci Chiamano Bambine 33 Platinum ITA + 150.000
1998 Giornata Storica
  • Second studio album
  • Released: October 29, 1998
  • Label: Columbia Records
- -
2000 Television
  • Third studio album
  • Released: June 19, 2000
  • Label: Columbia Records
23 32 Platinum ITA + 150.000
2002 Festival
  • Fourth studio album
  • Released: June 24, 2002
  • Label: Columbia Records
13 50
2004 Blu
  • Fifth studio album
  • Released: May 10, 2004
  • Label: Columbia Records
27 56
2007 Win the Game
  • Sixth studio album
  • Released: November 16, 2007
  • Label: Trepertre srl
40 -
2010 Milleluci
  • Seventh studio album
  • Released: November 9, 2010
  • Label: Trepertre srl - Carosello Records
19 -


  • 2007: Second Life
  • 2009: Emozioni
  • 2010: Pioggia d'estate


Year Album Peak chart positions Certifications
2005 Greatest Hits 25 + 40,000


Year Single Chart positions [4] Album
2000 Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva) 1 13 29 32 18 95 Television
Amoremidai 22 69
Viva el amor! 8 63 74
2001 Fino alla Fine 22 100
2002 Festival 6 91 Festival
Hey! 21
2003 Kamasutra 19
2004 Blu 18 Blu
2005 A modo mio 10 43 Greatest Hits
Fatalità 29
2007 Second Life 4 46 Win the Game
Cambiare Pagina 7 57
2008 Vanity and Pride 21
2009 Emozioni -
2010 Pioggia d'estate -
2010 Milleluci -


Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
2005 Paola e Chiara The Video Collection: 1997-2005 5

Music videos

Year Song title Album Director
1997 "Ci chiamano bambine" Ci chiamano bambine Stefano Moro
"Ti vada o no" -
1998 "Per Te" Luca Merli
"Non puoi dire di no" Giornata storica Stefano Moro
2000 "Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva)" (Italian Version) Television Luca Guadagnino
"Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva)" (Spanish Version) Stefano Moro
"Vamos a bailar (esta vida nueva)" (English Version)
"Amoremidai" Alberto Colombo
"Amoremidai/You Give Me Love" (English Version)
2001 "Viva el amor!"
"Viva el amor!" (Spanish Version)
"Viva el amor!" (English Version)
"Fino alla fine" Riccardo Paoletti
2002 "Festival" Festival Alberto Colombo
"Noche magica" (Spanish Version of Festival)
"Heart Beatin" (English Version of Festival)
"Hey!" Luca Tommassini
2003 "Kamasutra" Tommaso Pellicci
2004 "Blu" Blu
2005 "A modo mio" Greatest Hits Kal Karman
"Fatalità" Tommaso Pellicci
2007 "Second Life" Win the Game Rodolfo Crisafulli
"Second Life" (Montanari Remix)
"Cambiare pagina" Einar Snorri
"I'll Be Over You/Turn the Page" (English Version of Cambiare Pagina)
2008 "Vanity and Pride" Simone Falcetta


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