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Television in Macau

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Title: Television in Macau  
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Subject: Transfer of sovereignty over Macau
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Television in Macau

Media in Macau are available to the public in the forms of: television and radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. They serve the local community by providing necessary information and entertainment. Macau's media market is rather small. The local media face strong competition from Hong Kong.

Macau has reportedly the highest "media density" in the world - nine Chinese-language dailies, three Portuguese-language dailies, three English-language dailies and half a dozen Chinese-language weeklies and one Portuguese-language weekly. About three dozen newspapers from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and the Philippines are shipped to Macau every early morning.

Print media

There are nine Chinese daily newspapers, three Portuguese dailies and three English daily newspapers in Macau. There are also six Chinese weekly newspapers and one Portuguese weekly newspaper.

All local newspapers that have been published for at least five years are entitled to subsidies from the government.

The first newspaper that was published in Macau was Abelha da China (Chinese:蜜蜂華報) which was only published for one year.

  • Macau Daily News - top circulation daily, Chinese-language,
  • Va Kio Daily - privately owned Chinese daily
  • Tai Chung Pou - owned by a group of businessmen
  • Macau Daily Times - owned by a non-media business interests
  • Macau Post Daily - Macau's oldest English language daily, owned by media interests
  • Hoje Macau - Portuguese-language daily
  • Jornal Tribuna de Macau - Portuguese-language daily
  • Ponto Final - Portuguese-language daily
  • O CLARIM - Portuguese-language weeekly, owned by the Catholic Church

Revista Macau is a quarterly magazine with cultural contents and run by the government. Macau Business is one of Macau's oldest English language publications, launched in May 2004, that is published monthly by a private company that also owns Business Intelligence a business magazine in Chinese. Inside Asian Gaming is a monthly gaming magazine, in English. Destination Macau is an English-language magazine promoting the tourism and hospitality sector published by Ignite Media Group. World Gaming is an English and Chinese language magazine promoting the gaming and tourism sector.

Broadcast media

TDM was established in 1984. They have two television broadcast channels and one radio channel - Radio Macau. The two television channels include a Chinese-language and a Portuguese-language channel.

In addition, there are also several private broadcast companies in Macau such as "Radio Vila Verde Lda", "Macau Cable" and two satellite TV companies.

List of television channels

Free-to-air channels

Free-to-air Television

In 1-flagship free-to-air terrestrial television stations and 2-flagship analog free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Hong Kong such
  1. Teledifusão de Macau (TDM; 澳門廣播電視股份有限公司 (澳門廣播電視, 澳門廣視)) is a Macau flagship free-to-air terrestrial television stations and 2-flagship analog free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Macau such:
    1. TDM-1 (澳視1台華文頻道) in Cantonese flagship free-to-air terrestrial television channel on UHF in normally tuned to 30 by the analog & 91 by the digital.
    2. TDM-2 (澳視2台葡文頻道) in Portuguese flagship free-to-air terrestrial television channel on UHF in normally tuned to 32 by the analog & 92 by the digital.
Channel № (Analog) Channel № (Digital) Channel Name (English) Channel Name (Chinese) Channel content Language Transmission Format Status Launch Date Licence
30 (UHF) 91 TDM-1 澳視1台華文頻道 Cantonese Free-to-air Cantonese Analog & Digital SDTV Terrestrial (1990-09-17) 17 September 1990 (age 23) TDM
32 (UHF) 92 TDM-2 澳視2台葡文頻道 Portuguese Free-to-air Portuguese

Premium channels

  • Macau Asia Satellite Television (MASTV) 澳亞衛視
  • Lotus TV Macau (LOTUS) 澳門蓮花衞視
  • Fung Fu Television (FFTV) 功夫衛視
  • China Satellite Television (CSTV) 中華衛視
  • NewSky Satellite Television (NewSky) 新天衛視
  • Confucius Television (KZTV) 孔子衛視

Media administration

The government of Macau established the Government Information Bureau to regulate media broadcasting and provides support organizations related to this aspect. They are directly responsible to the Chief Executive of Macau. Freedom of the press is guaranteed in the Basic Law and Press Law of Macau.

Reporters' organizations

There are five journalists organizations in Macau.

Media education

The University of Macau and the Macau University of Science and Technology offer degree courses in media studies.


There are several major internet communities in Macau such as Macaustreet, CyberCTM, Qoos and Macauplus.

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