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Sovereigntist events and strategies

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Title: Sovereigntist events and strategies  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Parti Québécois, The Three Periods, Parti républicain du Québec, Yves Michaud, Parizeau Affair
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Sovereigntist events and strategies

This is a list of subjects related to the Quebec independence movement.



New France - The Conquest - Province of Quebec - Constitutional Act of 1791 - Lower Canada - Declaration of Independence - Republic of Lower Canada - Act of Union - Canada East - Confederation - Quebec - Reference re Secession of Quebec - More...


Assemblée des six-comtés - Patriotes Rebellion - Francoeur Motion - Quiet Revolution - Vive le Québec libre speech - October Crisis - Le 15 novembre - 1980 Quebec referendum - Patriation of the Constitution - Night of the Long Knives - Demise of the Meech Lake Accord - Charlottetown Accord referendum - 1995 Quebec referendum

World philosophies

Classical liberalism - Republicanism - Responsible government - Secularism - Anti-imperialism - Nation-state - Self-determination - Separatism - Decolonization - Direct action - Socialism - Social democracy - Keynesian economics - Welfare state - Supranational union - Cultural diversity

Quebec concepts

Quebec nationalism - Sovereigntism - Sovereignty-Association - Pur et dur - Beau risque - The Three Periods


Parti patriote - Fils de la liberté - Frères Chasseurs - Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society - Alliance laurentienne - Rassemblement pour l'indépendance nationale - Front de libération du Québec - Parti Québécois - Bloc Québécois - Québec solidaire

Books and documents

Declaration of independence of Lower Canada - Pour la patrie - La fatigue culturelle du Canada français - Prochain épisode - Pourquoi je suis séparatiste - Nègres blancs d'Amérique - Égalité ou indépendance - An Option for Quebec - FLQ Manifesto - The Black Book of English Canada


Orders - Comfort and Indifference - Elvis Gratton - October - Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore - February 15, 1839


Un Canadien errant - Gens du pays - Il me reste un pays - Mon Pays

Other works & symbols

Patriote Flag - Flag of Quebec - Le Vieux de '37 - Colonne de la liberté - L'Assemblée des six-comtés - Speak White


Marquis de Montcalm - Louis-Joseph Papineau - Ludger Duvernay - Jean-Olivier Chénier - Chevalier de Lorimier - Wolfred Nelson - Robert Nelson - Honoré Mercier - Raymond Barbeau - Marcel Chaput - René Lévesque - Pierre Bourgault - Daniel Johnson, Sr - Lise Payette - Guy Bouthillier - Jean Dorion - Jacques Parizeau - Lucien Bouchard - Bernard Landry - More...


André D'Allemagne - Andrée Ferretti - François-Albert Angers - Michel Seymour - Michel Venne


Henri Julien - Jules-Paul Tardivel - Hubert Aquin - Gilles Vigneault - Gaston Miron - Michèle Lalonde - Jean Duceppe - Paul Piché - Claude Gauthier - Pierre Falardeau - Loco Locass

Trade unionists

Michel Chartrand - Louis Laberge - Gérald Larose


Pierre Vallières - Paul Rose - Raymond Villeneuve - Jacques Lanctôt

Nationalists for Canadian independence

Henri Bourassa - Olivar Asselin - André Laurendeau - Camillien Houde

Federal figures

Lester B. Pearson - Pierre Elliott Trudeau - Brian Mulroney - Jean Chrétien - Stéphane Dion

Foreign figures

James Wolfe - Jeffrey Amherst - Queen Victoria - Lord Aylmer - Lord Seaton - Lord Durham - Charles Hindelang - Charles de Gaulle - Michel Rocard - Elizabeth II - Philippe Séguin - Jacques Chirac - Bill Clinton


Durham Report - Rebellion Losses Bill - War Measures Act - Partition of Quebec - Option Canada - Calgary Declaration - Quebec bashing - Sponsorship scandal - Clarity Act


Age of Enlightenment - French Revolution - American Revolution - Irish nationalism - Upper Canada Rebellion - Decolonization of the Americas - Decolonization of Africa - Black nationalism - European Union - Velvet Divorce

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