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Schock Prize

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Title: Schock Prize  
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Subject: Andrew Wiles, Fields Medal, Mathematician, Nevanlinna Prize, Turing Award, Saul Kripke, Right Livelihood Award, John Rawls, György Ligeti, Michael Dummett
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Schock Prize

The Rolf Schock Prizes were established and endowed by bequest of philosopher and artist Rolf Schock (1933–1986). The prizes were first awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993 and have been awarded every two years since. Each recipient currently receives SEK 400,000 (ca. US $60,000). A similar prize is the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy, established by the Inamori Foundation.

The Prizes are awarded in four categories and decided by committees of three of the Swedish Royal Academies:

Laureates in Logic and Philosophy

Year Name(s) Country
1993 Willard V. Quine  United States
1995 Michael Dummett  United Kingdom
1997 Dana S. Scott  United States
1999 John Rawls  United States
2001 Saul A. Kripke  United States
2003 Solomon Feferman  United States
2005 Jaakko Hintikka  Finland
2008 Thomas Nagel  Yugoslavia /  United States
2011 Hilary Putnam  United States

Laureates in Mathematics

Year Name(s) Country
1993 Elias M. Stein  United States
1995 Andrew Wiles  United Kingdom
1997 Mikio Sato  Japan
1999 Yurij Manin  Russia
2001 Elliott H. Lieb  United States
2003 Richard P. Stanley  United States
2005 Luis Caffarelli  Argentina
2008 Endre Szemerédi  Hungary /  United States
2011 Michael Aschbacher  United States

Laureates in Visual Arts

Year Name(s) Country
1993 Rafael Moneo  Spain
1995 Claes Oldenburg  Sweden /  United States
1997 Torsten Andersson  Sweden
1999 Jacques Herzog and
Pierre de Meuron
2001 Giuseppe Penone  Italy
2003 Susan Rothenberg  United States
2005 Kazuyo Sejima and
Ryue Nishizawa
2008 Mona Hatoum  Lebanon /  United Kingdom
2011 Marlene Dumas  South Africa /  Netherlands

Laureates in Musical Arts

Year Name(s) Country
1993 Ingvar Lidholm  Sweden
1995 György Ligeti  Romania /  Austria
1997 Jorma Panula  Finland
1999 Kronos Quartet  United States
2001 Kaija Saariaho  Finland
2003 Anne Sofie von Otter  Sweden
2005 Mauricio Kagel  Argentina
2008 Gidon Kremer  Latvia
2011 Andrew Manze  United Kingdom

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