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PAF Air War College

PAF Air War College
Established 1958
Type Constituent college of the National Defence University, Islamabad
Commandant Air Vice Marshal Azhar Hassan
Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Former names PAF Staff College
PAF Air War College

PAF Air War College is the Pakistan Air Force academic establishment providing training and education primarily to the mid-career officers of PAF as well as to limited number of officers from Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Army and officers of various Allied forces. It is located at PAF Base Faisal in the city of Karachi.

The College was previously affiliated with University of Karachi but has recently been affiliated with the National Defence University (NDU) along with other staff and war colleges of Pakistan Army and Navy.


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The College came into being at Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the then President of Pakistan, on 8 December 1991. In August, 2007, the In-Service Education Scheme for mid-career officers was revitalized and replaced with Officers’ Military Education (OME) in which the whole officers training programme was brought under the administrative and functional control of Commandant, Air War College. Resultantly, Basic Staff School (BSS) and Junior Command and Staff School (JC&SS) were merged into one institution named as the JC&SS at PAF Camp Badaber. At the PAF Air War College, Sharah-e-Faisal, the SC&SC and AWC have been successfully and consistently meeting all their training objectives to date. Till August, 2010, a total of 28 Staff Courses, 54 Senior Command and Staff Courses and 23 Air War Courses have graduated from this institution.


Organization chart of AWC

The college runs two types of courses; Air War Course (AWC)[2] and Senior Command and Staff Course (SC&SC).[3] The former is to prepare senior officers of the Pakistan Air Force and other Allied officers for "senior command and staff appointments", whereas the latter is to "prepare mid-career PAF officers for assuming command and staff assignments commensurate with their rank and experience." On successful completion of War Course, the participants are awarded 'fawc' symbol by the College and M.Sc. in War Studies by NDU, Islamabad.


PAF Air War College is headed by Commandant of the rank of Air Vice Marshal. Under Commandant are Deputy Commandant/Chief Instructor War Wing, Chief Instructor Staff Wing both are of the rank of Air Commodore and Officer Commanding Junior Command & Staff School, who is of Group Captain rank.


To educate senior air leaders in Doctrine, Policy, Strategy and Air power employment concept.

Allied Alumni

Officers from allied countries including Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen are regular participants of Air War course.[4]


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