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Outline of Afghanistan

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Title: Outline of Afghanistan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Afghanistan, Economy of Afghanistan, List of outlines of countries in Asia, Bibliography of Afghanistan, Taxation in Afghanistan
Collection: Afghanistan, Afghanistan-Related Lists, Outlines of Countries
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Outline of Afghanistan

The location of Afghanistan
An enlargeable map of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Afghanistan:

Afghanistanlandlocked sovereign country located in Central Asia. Since the late 1970s Afghanistan has experienced a continuous state of civil war.


  • General reference 1
  • Geography of Afghanistan 2
    • Environment of Afghanistan 2.1
      • Natural geographic features of Afghanistan 2.1.1
    • Regions of Afghanistan 2.2
      • Ecoregions of Afghanistan 2.2.1
      • Administrative divisions of Afghanistan 2.2.2
        • Provinces of Afghanistan
        • Districts of Afghanistan
        • Municipalities of Afghanistan
    • Demography of Afghanistan 2.3
  • Government and politics of Afghanistan 3
    • Branches of government 3.1
      • Executive branch of the government of Afghanistan 3.1.1
      • Legislative branch of the government of Afghanistan 3.1.2
      • Judicial branch of the government of Afghanistan 3.1.3
    • Foreign relations of Afghanistan 3.2
      • International organization membership 3.2.1
    • Law and order in Afghanistan 3.3
    • Military of Afghanistan 3.4
    • Local government in Afghanistan 3.5
  • History of Afghanistan 4
    • By period 4.1
    • By subject 4.2
  • Culture of Afghanistan 5
    • Art in Afghanistan 5.1
    • People of Afghanistan 5.2
    • Religion in Afghanistan 5.3
    • Sports in Afghanistan 5.4
  • Economy and infrastructure of Afghanistan 6
  • Education in Afghanistan 7
  • Health in Afghanistan 8
  • See also 9
  • References 10
  • External links 11

General reference

An enlargeable relief map of Afghanistan

Geography of Afghanistan

An enlargeable topographic map of Afghanistan
 Pakistan 2,430 km
 Tajikistan 1,206 km
 Iran 936 km
 Turkmenistan 744 km
 Uzbekistan 137 km
 China 76 km
  • Coastline: none

Environment of Afghanistan

An enlargeable satellite image of Afghanistan

Natural geographic features of Afghanistan

Regions of Afghanistan

Main article: Regions of Afghanistan

Ecoregions of Afghanistan

Main article: Ecoregions in Afghanistan

Administrative divisions of Afghanistan

Main article: Administrative divisions of Afghanistan
Map of Afghanistan with province border lines.
Provinces of Afghanistan
Provinces of Afghanistan[1]
Province Map # ISO 3166-2:AF[2] Centers Population Area (km²) Language Notes U.N. Region
Badakhshan 30 AF-BDS Fayzabad 823,000 44,059 Dari Persian, Composed of 29 districts North East Afghanistan
Badghis 4 AF-BDG Qala i Naw 429,500 20,591 Dari Persian, Pashto 7 districts West Afghanistan
Baghlan 19 AF-BGL Puli Khumri 779,000 21,118 Dari Persian Uzbek, Turkmen, Pashto 16 districts North East Afghanistan
Balkh 13 AF-BAL Mazari Sharif 1,096,100 17,249 Dari Persian, 15 districts North Afghanistan
Bamyan 15 AF-BAM Bamyan 387,300 14,175 Dari Persian 7 districts East Central Afghanistan
Daykundi 10 AF-DAY Nili 399,600 8,088 Dari Persian 8 districts
Formed from Orūzgān Province in 2004
South West Afghanistan
Farah 2 AF-FRA Farah 438,000 48,471 Pashto, Dari Persian, Baloch 11 districts West Afghanistan
Faryab 5 AF-FYB Maymana 858,600 20,293 Dari Persian, Turkmen and Uzbek 14 districts West Afghanistan
Ghazni 16 AF-GHA Ghazni 931,000 22,915 Pashto, Dari Persian 19 districts South Afghanistan
Ghor 6 AF-GHO Chaghcharan 485,000 36,479 Dari Persian 10 districts East Central Afghanistan
Helmand 7 AF-HEL Lashkar Gah 745,000 58,584 Pashto,Baloch 13 districts South West Afghanistan
Herat 1 AF-HER Herat 1,182,000 54,778 Dari Persian, Pashto 15 districts West Afghanistan
Jowzjan 8 AF-JOW Sheberghan 441,000 11,798 Uzbek, Dari Persian 9 districts North Afghanistan
Kabul 22 AF-KAB Kabul 3,314,000 4,462 Pashto, Dari Persian, Turkmen, Baloch and Uzbek 15 districts Central Afghanistan
Kandahar 12 AF-KAN Kandahar 886,000 54,022 Pashto, Dari Persian,Baloch 16 districts South West Afghanistan
Kapisa 29 AF-KAP Mahmud-i-Raqi 360,000 1,842 Dari Persian 7 districts Central Afghanistan
Khost 26 AF-KHO Khost 300,000 4,152 Pashto 13 districts South Afghanistan
Kunar 34 AF-KNR Asadabad 321,000 4,942 Pashto 15 districts East Afghanistan
Kunduz 18 AF-KDZ Kunduz 820,000 8,040 Dari Persian, Uzbek, Turkmen, Pashto 7 districts North East Afghanistan
Laghman 32 AF-LAG Mihtarlam District 373,000 3,843 Pashto, Dari Persian and Pashai 5 districts East Afghanistan
Lowgar 23 AF-LOW Pul-i-Alam 292,000 3,880 Dari Persian, Pashto 7 districts Central Afghanistan
Nangarhar 33 AF-NAN Jalalabad 1,089,000 7,727 Pashto, Dari Persian 23 districts East Afghanistan
Nimruz 3 AF-NIM Zaranj 149,000 41,005 Balochi, Dari Persian and Balochi 5 districts South West Afghanistan
Nurestan 31 AF-NUR Parun 112,000 9,225 Nuristani, Pashto, Dari Persian 7 districts East Afghanistan
Orūzgān 11 AF-ORU Tarin Kowt 627,000 22,696 Pashto 6 districts South West Afghanistan
Paktia 24 AF-PIA Gardez 415,000 6,432 Pashto, Dari Persian 11 districts South Afghanistan
Paktika 25 AF-PKA Sharan 352,000 19,482 Pashto 15 districts South Afghanistan
Panjshir 28 AF-PAN Bazarak 128,620 3,610 Dari Persian 5 districts
Created in 2004 from Parwan Province
Central Afghanistan
Parwan 20 AF-PAR Charikar 726,000 5,974 Dari Persian Composed of 9 districts Central Afghanistan
Samangan 14 AF-SAM Aybak 378,000 11,262 Dari Persian, Uzbek 5 districts North Afghanistan
Sar-e Pol 9 AF-SAR Sar-e Pol 468,000 15,999 Dari Persian and Uzbek 6 districts North Afghanistan
Takhar 27 AF-TAK Taloqan 810,800 12,333 Dari Persian, and Uzbek 12 districts North East Afghanistan
Wardak 21 AF-WAR Meydan Shahr 413,000 8,938 Pashto, Dari Persian 9 districts Central Afghanistan
Zabul 17 AF-ZAB Qalat 365,920 17,343 Pashto 9 districts South West Afghanistan
Districts of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is divided into 398 districts.

Municipalities of Afghanistan

Demography of Afghanistan

Main article: Demographics of Afghanistan

Government and politics of Afghanistan

Main article: Government of Afghanistan and Politics of Afghanistan

Branches of government

Executive branch of the government of Afghanistan

Legislative branch of the government of Afghanistan

Judicial branch of the government of Afghanistan

Foreign relations of Afghanistan

International organization membership

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a member of:[3]

Law and order in Afghanistan

Main article: Law of Afghanistan

Military of Afghanistan

Main article: Military of Afghanistan

Local government in Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan

Main article: Current events of Afghanistan

By period

By subject

Culture of Afghanistan

Main article: Culture of Afghanistan
Ethnolinguistic groups of Afghanistan
Afghan boys and girls at Kabul
Tribal and religious leaders at Kandahar

Art in Afghanistan

People of Afghanistan

Religion in Afghanistan

Sports in Afghanistan

Main article: Sports in Afghanistan

Economy and infrastructure of Afghanistan

Main article: Economy of Afghanistan

Education in Afghanistan

Main article: Education in Afghanistan

Health in Afghanistan

See also


  1. ^ References and details on data provided in the table can be found within the individual provincial articles.
  2. ^ ISO 3166-2 codes for the provinces of Afghanistan)
  3. ^ "Afghanistan".  

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