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Title: Mrkojevići  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Bar, Montenegro, Regions in Montenegro, Malesija, Montenegro, Skadarska Krajina, Krivošije
Collection: Bar, Montenegro, Historical Regions in Montenegro
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Mrkojevići (Montenegrin and Serbian Cyrillic: Мркојевићи), also known as Mrkovići (Мрковићи), was a historical tribe in southeastern Montenegro, located between the towns of Bar and Ulcinj. The region covers an area of 91.06 km², of which 77.09 km² falls in the territory of the Municipality of Bar while 13.97 km² falls in the territory of the Municipality of Ulcinj. There are ten main settlements: Velje Selo, Dabezići, Dobra Voda, Gorana (Mala and Velja), Grdovići, Kunje, Ljeskovac, Međureč, Pelinkovići and Pečurice; and three parts: Bušat, Dubrava and Dobra Voda. The region borders Krajina to the east. The majority of inhabitants of the villages identify as Montenegrins, the rest as Muslims, Serbs and Bosniaks.


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It is believed that the župa (county) of Prapratna was located in what became the Mrkojevići tribe.[1] Mrkojevići is first mentioned in 1409.


According to the 2003 census, the total population of the towns was 3,209.

Town Montenegrins Serbs Bosniaks Muslims by nationality Albanians Croats No response Others Total
Dabezići 93 0 0 41 0 0 0 12 146
Dobra Voda 591 87 78 168 12 4 2 53 995
Grdovići 93 5 2 83 0 1 3 1 188
Kunje 318 80 13 20 0 3 10 25 469
Mala Gorana 113 0 0 12 2 0 0 10 137
Pelinkovići 65 0 0 57 29 0 0 0 151
Pečurice 139 92 48 136 12 1 4 34 466
Velja Gorana 126 0 1 226 11 0 14 8 386
Velje Selo 54 0 0 211 0 0 2 4 271
Total 1,592 264 142 954 66 9 35 147 3,209


According to folklore the tribe descends from a Mrkota who was from Piperi, Montenegro.

There is a festival called "Dani Mrkojevića" (Days of the Mrkojevići).

External links

  • NVO Mrkojevići, Official Website


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