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Moravian–Silesian Football League

Moravskoslezská fotbalová liga
Country Czech Republic
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1991
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to 2. Liga
Relegation to Fourth Division (Divize D or E)
Domestic cup(s) Czech Cup
Current champions Opava

The Moravian–Silesian Football League (MSFL) (Czech: Moravskoslezská fotbalová liga) is one of the third level football leagues in the Czech Republic (the other is the Bohemian Football League) headquartered in Olomouc. The league comprises teams from the historic regions of Moravia and Silesia and partially also Bohemia.

The league was formed in 1991 during the Czechoslovakia era, replacing the former II.ČNL (II. Česká národni liga; Second Czech National League) at the third tier of Czechoslovak football alongside sister league ČFL.[1]

The winner of MSFL is promoted to the 2nd Division. Two clubs are promoted to the MSFL - the winners of Divize D and E of the Czech Fourth Division.

Moravian–Silesian Football League clubs, 2013–14

Club Previous season
SK Sigma Olomouc B 2nd
1. SK Prostějov 3rd
SK Spartak Hulín 4th
SK Sulko Zábřeh 5th
Horácký FK Třebíč 6th
1.FC Slovácko B 7th
FK Slavia Orlová-Lutyně 8th
SK Uničov 9th
1. HFK Olomouc 10th
FC Hlučín 11th
FC Fastav Zlín B 13th
SK Hanácká Slavia Kroměříž 14th
MSK Břeclav 15th
MFK Vyškov 1st in Divize D
SFC Opava B 2nd in Divize E
SK Líšeň 4th in Divize D

Moravian–Silesian Football League champions

Season Winners Runners-up
1991–92 SKP Znojmo-Práče VP Frydek-Mistek
1992–93 VP Frydek-Mistek ZD Bohumin
1993–94 SK Sl.Slavia Uh.Hradiste ČSK Uherský Brod
1994–95 FC Alfa Slušovice FC Tatran Poštorná
1995–96 FC Vítkovice ČSK Uherský Brod
1996–97 FC Synot Staré Město SK Baník Ratíškovice
1997–98 FC NH Ostrava SK Baník Ratíškovice
1998–99 SK Baník Ratíškovice FC MSA Dolní Benešov
1999–00 FK Holice 1932 FC PSJ Jihlava
2000–01 SK Sigma Olomouc B Kunovice
2001–02 FK Kunovice FC Group Dolni Kounice
2002–03 FK Drnovice FC Banik Ostrava B
2003–04 Kroměříž Bystrc
2004–05 HFK Olomouc Hlučín
2005–06 Jakubčovice DOSTA Bystrc
2006–07 Fulnek Mutěnice
2007–08 Sigma Olomouc B Znojmo
2008–09 Hlučín Znojmo
2009–10 Znojmo HFK Olomouc
2010–11 Opava HFK Olomouc
2011–12 HFK Olomouc Frýdek-Místek
2012–13 Třinec Frýdek-Místek
2013–14 Opava SK Sigma Olomouc B
2014–15 SK Sigma Olomouc B Hanácká Slavia Kroměříž


  • Information at the ČMFS website.
  1. ^ Jeřábek, Luboš (2007). Ceský a ceskoslovenský fotbal - lexikon osobností a klubu (in Czech). Prague: Grada Publishing. pp. 34–35.  
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