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Montenegro at the Olympics


Montenegro at the Olympics

Montenegro at the Olympic Games

Flag of Montenegro
IOC code  MNE
NOC Montenegrin Olympic Committee
Website (Montenegrin) (English)
Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games
Other related appearances
Yugoslavia (1920–1992W)
Independent Olympic Participants (1992S)
Serbia and Montenegro (1996–2006)

Montenegro participated at the Olympic Games for the first time as an independent nation in 2008, at the Beijing Games. Previously, Montenegrin athletes have competed as part of Serbia and Montenegro in 2004 and as part of Yugoslavia before that.

The National Olympic Committee for Montenegro is the Montenegrin Olympic Committee. It was created in 2006 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 2007.


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Medal tables by Games

List of medalists

Before the 2012 Olympic Games Montenegrin athletes had won medals on 22 occasions in five different sports as part of teams representing Yugoslavia or Serbia and Montenegro, but none yet as individual competitors. On August 11, 2012, Montenegro won its first ever Olympic medal as an independent country, taking silver in women's handball.

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Silver women's national handball team, MontenegroMontenegro women's national handball team
Sonja Barjaktarović   Radmila Miljanić
Anđela Bulatović   Bojana Popović
Katarina Bulatović   Jovanka Radičević
Ana Đokić   Ana Radović
Marija Jovanović   Maja Savić
Milena Knežević   Jasna Tošković
Suzana Lazović   Marina Vukčević
Majda Mehmedović
2012 London Handball Women's tournament


Medal Games Team Names
 Silver 1976 Montreal Men Žarko Varajić, Rajko Žižić
 Gold 1980 Moscow Men Ratko Radovanović, Rajko Žižić
 Bronze 1984 Los Angeles Men Ratko Radovanović, Rajko Žižić
 Silver 1988 Seoul Men Zdravko Radulović

Association Football

Medal Games Team Names
 Silver 1956 Melbourne Men Nikola Radović
 Bronze 1984 Los Angeles Men Ljubomir Radanović


Medal Games Team Names
 Gold 1984 Los Angeles Women Svetlana Mugoša, Ljiljana Mugoša, Zorica Pavićević
 Gold 1984 Los Angeles Men Veselin Vujović
 Bronze 1988 Seoul Men Veselin Vujović


Medal Games Team Names
 Bronze 1996 Atlanta Men Goran Vujević
 Gold 2000 Sydney Men Goran Vujević, Igor Vušurović

Water polo

Medal Games Team Names
 Silver 1952 Helsinki Men Boško Vuksanović
 Silver 1956 Melbourne Men Boško Vuksanović
 Silver 1964 Tokyo Men Boris Čukvas, Milan Muškatirović, Božidar Stanišić
 Gold 1968 Mexico City Men Dejan Dabović, Đorđe Perišić
 Silver 1980 Moscow Men Milivoj Bebić, Zoran Gopčević, Milorad Krivokapić, Zoran Mustur
 Gold 1984 Los Angeles Men Milorad Krivokapić, Andrija Popović
 Gold 1988 Seoul Men Igor Gočanin, Mirko Vičević
 Bronze 2000 Sydney Men Veljko Uskoković, Nenad Vukanić
 Silver 2004 Athens Men Vladimir Gojković, Predrag Jokić

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