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Mayors of Newark

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Title: Mayors of Newark  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Mayors of Newark, New Jersey, Luis A. Quintana
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Mayors of Newark

Mayor of the City of Newark
Style His Honor
Residence Private
Term length Four years; may serve consecutive terms
Inaugural holder William Halsey
Salary $130,721
Website Office of the Mayor (Official)

The Mayor of Newark is elected for a four year term. Municipal elections in city are nonpartisan[1] and are held the 2nd Tuesday in May,[2] Ras Baraka was elected in the Newark mayoral election on May 13, 2014.[3]

List of mayors

Mayors of Newark
  1. 1836–1837: William Halsey
  2. 1837–1838: Theodore Frelinghuysen (1787–1862)
  3. 1838–1840: James Miller
  4. 1840–1841: Oliver Spencer Halstead
  5. 1841–1843: William Wright (1794–1866)
  6. 1844–1845: Stephen Dod
  7. 1845–1846: Isaac Baldwin
  8. 1846–1848: Beach Vanderpool
  9. 1848–1851: James Miller
  10. 1851–1854: James M. Quinby
  11. 1854–1857: Horace J. Poinier
  12. 1857–1864: Moses Bigelow
  13. 1864–1866: Theodore Runyon
  14. 1866–1870: Thomas Baldwin Peddie (1808–1889)
  15. 1870–1874: Frederick W. Ricord
  16. 1874–1876: Nehemiah Perry (1816–1881)
  17. 1876–1880: Henry J. Yates
  18. 1880–1882: William Henry Frederick Fiedler (1847–1919)
  19. 1882–1884: Henry Lang
  20. 1884–1894: Joseph E. Haynes
  21. 1894–1896: Julius A. Lebkuecher
  22. 1896–1903: James M. Seymour, Sr.
  23. 1903–1907: Henry Meade Doremus
  24. 1907–1915: Jacob Haussling
  25. 1915–1917: Thomas Lynch Raymond (1st term)
  26. 1917–1921: Charles P. Gillen (1876–1956)
  27. 1921–1922: Alexander Archibald
  28. 1922–1925: Frederick C. Breidenbach (1876–1955)
  29. 1925–1928: Thomas Lynch Raymond (2nd term)
  30. 1928–1933: Jerome T. Congleton (1876–1936)
  31. 1933–1941: Meyer C. Ellenstein (1885–1963)
  32. 1941–1949: Vincent J. Murphy (1893–1976)
  33. 1949–1953: Ralph A. Villani (1901–1974)
  34. 1953–1962: Leo P. Carlin (1908–1999)
  35. 1962–1970: Hugh Joseph Addonizio (1914–1981)
  36. 1970–1986: Kenneth A. Gibson (born 1932), first African American mayor
  37. 1986–2006: Sharpe James (born 1936)
  38. 2006–2013: Cory Booker (born 1969)
  39. 2013–2014: Luis A. Quintana (born 1960) first Latino Hispanic mayor
  40. 2014–present Ras Baraka (born 1970)

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