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List of postal codes in Yugoslavia

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Title: List of postal codes in Yugoslavia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lists of postal codes, LGBT history in Yugoslavia, Kosovo War, Creation of Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia
Collection: Lists of Postal Codes, Postal Codes by Country
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List of postal codes in Yugoslavia

Yugoslavian postal codes consisted of five digits. The first two digits roughly correspond to the corresponding districts; district seat cities usually had 000 as the last three digits, while smaller towns and villages had non-round last three digits.

City Codes

Place name Postal code
Beograd 11000
Požarevac 12000
Pančevo 13000
Valjevo 14000
Šabac 15000
Leskovac 16000
Vranje 17000
Niš 18000
Zaječar 19000
Novi Sad 21000
Sremska Mitrovica 22000
Zrenjanin 23000
Subotica 24000
Sombor 25000
Smederevo 26000
Prokuplje 27000
Kosovska Mitrovica 28000
Prizren 29000
Užice 31000
Čačak 32000
Prijepolje 33000
Kragujevac 34000
Jagodina 35000
Kraljevo 36000
Kruševac 37000
Priština 38000
Peć 39000
Zagreb 41000
Varaždin 42000
Bjelovar 43000
Sisak 44000
Karlovac 47000
Koprivnica 48000
Krapina 49000
Rijeka 51000
Pula 52000
Gospić 53000
Osijek 54000
Slavonski Brod 55000
Vukovar 56000
Zadar 57000
Split, Croatia 58000
Šibenik 59000
Ljubljana 61000
Maribor 62000
Celje 63000
Kranj 64000
Nova Gorica 65000
Koper 66000
/ 67000
Novo mesto 68000
Murska Sobota 69000
Sarajevo 71000
Zenica 72000
Goražde 73000
Doboj 74000
Tuzla 75000
Brčko 76000
Bihać 77000
Banja Luka 78000
Prijedor 79000
Titograd 81000
Kotor 82000
Nikšić 83000
Bijelo Polje 84000
Bar 85000
Budva 86000
Ivangrad 87000
Herceg Novi 88000
Plevlja 89000
Skopje 91000
Štip 92000
Titov Veles 93000
Gostivar 94000
Kičevo 95000
Ohrid 96000
Bitola 97000
Prilep 98000
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