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List of locations in the Port of London

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Title: List of locations in the Port of London  
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Subject: London Docklands, River Thames, Port of London Authority, Tideway, Safeguarded wharf
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List of locations in the Port of London

This is a list of about 680 former or extant wharves, docks, piers, terminals, etc. of the Port of London, the majority of which lie on the Tideway of the River Thames, listed from upstream to downstream.

Many of the docks closed after the mass uptake of containerisation changed the face of the industry and bringing about an end to an era, and a demise to the occupation of the docker as it then was.

Those marked with a † have at present the status of a safeguarded wharf. Those in italics are no longer used for port or river transit related activities. Further remarks are made in brackets, including in some cases the present operator or cargo handled.

In 1937 at the height of London's trade it is estimated that there were around 1700 wharves between Brentford and Gravesend.[1] Today there are around 70 active terminals, each generally handling much greater volumes. Much of the cargo and commodities handling by the Port of London takes place in the downstream stretches of the Thames beyond Greater London, on the banks of south Essex (Thurrock) and north Kent. The Port of London Authority controls operations from its base in Gravesend. The main container terminal is currently at Tilbury, though in 2008 construction began on the London Gateway project, which will become the largest single component of the Port of London when completed.

South bank


  • Kew Gardens Pier

Mortlake and Barnes

(Chiswick Bridge)

(Barnes Railway Bridge)

  • Small Profits Draw Dock[2]

(Hammersmith Bridge)

  • Harrod's Wharf


(Putney Bridge)

  • Putney Wharf[2]
  • Douglas Wharf[2]
  • Spaldings Wharf[2]

(Fulham Railway Bridge)


  • River Wandle
  • Feathers Wharf
  • Western Riverside (solid waste transfer station) †
  • Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier (TfL river service)
  • Pier Wharf †

(Wandsworth Bridge)


  • Sherwood Wharf[3]
  • Plantation Wharf,[3] site of Manbre & Gartons works (sugars)
  • site of original Price's Candles works
  • Shell Wharf
  • Oyster Wharf
  • site of jetty for Lombard Road Power Station
  • Regent Wharf[3]

(Battersea Railway Bridge)

(Battersea Bridge)

  • site of C & J Fields candle works
  • Ransomes Dock
  • site of Albert Bridge flour mills

(Albert Bridge)
(Chelsea Bridge)

  • Chelsea Bridge Wharf[3]
  • Battersea Wharf[4]

(Grosvenor Bridge)

Vauxhall and Lambeth

  • Middle Wharf (Cemex Vauxhall) †
  • Prescot Wharf
  • Bourne Valley Wharf
  • St George Wharf

(Vauxhall Bridge)

  • Tamesis Dock
  • White Hart draw dock (river access under the Albert Embankment)
  • site of Royal Doulton pottery[5]
  • Lambeth River fire station
  • Lambeth Pier

(Lambeth Bridge)
(Westminster Bridge)

  • Acre Wharf[6] (now County Hall)
  • Waterloo Millennium Pier (TfL river service)
  • College Wharf[6]
  • India Store Depot[6]
  • Bangor Wharf[6]

(Hungerford Bridge)


(Waterloo Bridge)

  • Old Shot Tower Wharf[7]
  • Commercial Wharf[7]
  • Waterloo Dock[7]
  • New Barge House Wharf[7]
  • Old Jamaica Wharf[7]
  • Old Bull Stairs Wharf[7]
  • Greystone Lane Wharf[7]
  • Jamaica Wharf[7]
  • Blackfriars Bridge Wharf[7]

(Blackfriars Bridge)
(Blackfriars Railway Bridge)

(Millennium Bridge)

(Southwark Bridge)

(Cannon Street Railway Bridge)

Upper Pool

(London Bridge)

(Tower Bridge)



  • Corbett's Wharf[1]
  • National Wharf[1]
  • Platform Wharf[1][11]
  • Platform Sufferance Wharf[1]
  • Braithwaite & Dean's Yard
  • Pace's Wharf[1]
  • Pocock's Barge Yard
  • Cochin Wharf[1]
  • Yardley's Wharf[1]
  • Matthew's Wharf[1]
  • Rotherhithe Wharf[1]
  • Cannon Wharf[1]
  • Abbot's Wharf[1]
  • Gordon's Wharf[1][12]
  • Prince's Wharf[1]
  • Carr's Wharf[1]
  • Beard's Wharf[1]
  • East India Wharf[1][12]
  • Bombay Wharf[1]
  • Hope Wharf[1][12]
  • Thames Tunnel Mills[1][12]
  • Grice's Wharf[1]
  • Claydon's Wharf[1]
  • Genisi's Wharf
  • Brandram's Wharf[1]
  • Charles Hay's Barge Yard
  • Fisher's Sufferance Wharf
  • Cumberland Wharf[1][12]
  • Carolina Wharf[1][12]
  • Ransome's Wharf[1][12]
  • Norway Wharf[1][12]
  • Clarence Wharf[1][12]

(Rotherhithe Tunnel)

Deptford and Deptford Creek


(Greenwich foot tunnel)

Greenwich Peninsula

(Blackwall Tunnel)

New Charlton


Belvedere, Erith and Crayford Ness

  • Belvedere Incinerator
  • site of Belvedere Power Station[29]
  • Borax Wharf/Manor Wharf †
  • Mulberry Wharf †
  • Jenningtree Point
  • Pioneer Wharf †
  • Albion Wharf † (includes numerous jetties and landing stages)
  • RMC Erith (jetty and landing stages) †
  • site of BICC cable works
  • ADM Erith
  • Ballast Wharf
  • Chalk Farm Wharf
  • Erith Pier (formerly in commercial use, now rebuilt for leisure)
  • Garden Wharf
  • Railway Wharf (RMC) †
  • Standard Wharf †
  • European Metal Recycling
  • Crayford Ness

Dartford, Greenhithe and Swanscombe

(Dartford Crossing)

  • CdMR Dartford (ro-ro ferry terminal).
  • Johnson's Wharf (aggregates)
  • Globe Wharf
  • Bell Wharf

Northfleet and Gravesend


  • North Sea Terminal (sea-dredged aggregates)
  • Lower Hope Point
  • Yantlet Creek

Below here lie the Medway ports including Thamesport, a container port on the site of BP's Kent oil refinery on the Isle of Grain and Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey. These are not part of the Port of London.

North bank


  • Lion Wharf[2]
  • Town Wharf[2]
  • Bridge Wharf[2]

Brentford and Strand-on-the-Green

(Kew Bridge)

  • Ball's Wharf[2]
  • Magnolia Wharf[2]

(Kew Railway Bridge)


(Chiswick Bridge)
(Barnes Railway Bridge)


  • Albert Wharf[2]
  • Atlanta Wharf[2]
  • Hope Wharf[2]

(Hammersmith Bridge)

  • Queen's Wharf[2]
  • Gwynne's Wharf[2]
  • Chancellor's Wharf[2]

Fulham and Sands End

  • Distillery Wharf[2] (site of Haig distillery)
  • site of Manbre's sugar works (later Manbre & Garton)
  • Duckham's Wharf[2] (formerly Duckham's Motor Oil works)
  • Thames Wharf[2]
  • Dorset Wharf[2] (formerly Anglo-American Oil Company)
  • Tea Rose Jetty and Wharf[2]
  • Palace Wharf[2]
  • Crabree Wharf[2]
  • Crabtree Draw Dock[2]
  • Wheatsheaf Wharf
  • Rosebank Wharf[2]
  • Redline Wharf[2]
  • Blakes Wharves[2]
  • National Benzole Wharf[2]
  • Eternit Wharf[3]
  • Stevenage Wharf[2]

(Putney Bridge)

  • Swan Wharf[2]
  • Carrara Wharf[2]
  • Willowbank Wharf[2]

(Fulham Railway Bridge)

  • Broomhouse Draw Dock
  • Petrofina Wharf
  • Whiffin Wharf
  • Hurlingham Wharf[3]
  • Trinidad Wharf[3] (former asphalt wharf)

(Wandsworth Bridge)

  • Albert Wharf
  • Swedish Wharf †
  • Comley’s Wharf (RMC Fulham) †
  • Fulham Wharf[3]
  • site of Fulham Power Station
  • Shell Wharf[3]
  • Lensbury Wharf[3]
  • site of Imperial Gas Works pier
  • Nacovia Wharf[3]

(Battersea Railway Bridge)


(Albert Bridge)

  • Cadogan Pier[3] (TfL river service)

Westminster and City of London

(Chelsea Bridge)

(Grosvenor Bridge)

  • Dinorvic Wharf, now Westminster Boating Base[3]
  • St George's Wharf[30]
  • Somerset Wharf[30]
  • Chester Wharf[30]
  • Eagle Wharf[30]

(Vauxhall Bridge)

(Lambeth Bridge)
(Westminster Bridge)

(Hungerford Bridge)

(Waterloo Bridge)

(Blackfriars Bridge)
(Blackfriars Railway Bridge)

  • Puddle Dock[7]
  • Wheatsheaf Wharf[7]
  • England Wharf[7]
  • Crown Wharf[7]
  • Horseshoe Wharf[7]
  • Anchor Wharf[7]
  • Castle Baynard Dock[7]
  • Lion Wharf[7]
  • Paul's Wharf[7]

(Millennium Bridge)

(Southwark Bridge)

(Cannon Street Railway Bridge)

Upper Pool

(London Bridge)

(Tower Bridge)

Wapping and Shadwell

(Hermitage entrance to London Docks)

  • Hermitage Steam Wharf[1]
  • Colonial Wharves[1]
  • Standard Wharves[1]
  • Watson's Wharf[1]
  • Black Eagle Wharf[1]
  • Brewers Wharf[1]
  • Albion Wharf[1]
  • Hasties Wharf[1]
  • St Helens Wharf[1]

(Wapping entrance to London Docks)

  • Oliver's Wharf[1]
  • Orient Wharf[1]
  • Gun Wharf[1][10][11]
  • St John's Wharf[1]
  • Morocco Wharf[1][11]
  • Eagle Sufferance Wharf[1][11]
  • Eagle Wharf[1]
  • Baltic Wharf[1]
  • Old Aberdeen Wharf[1]
  • Wapping Police Station
  • St John's Wharf[1]
  • Sun Wharf[1]
  • Swan Wharf[1]
  • Tunnel Pier
  • King Henry's Wharves[1]
  • Gibb's Wharf
  • Gun Wharves[1]
  • Middleton and St Bride's Wharf[1]
  • Foundry Wharf[1]
  • St Hilda's Wharf[1]
  • New Crane Wharves[1]
  • Lower Oliver's Wharf
  • Lushes Wharf[1]
  • Metropolitan Wharf[1][12]
  • Thorpe's and Queen Wharf[1][12]
  • Pelican Wharf[1][12]

(Shadwell New Entrance to Shadwell Basin and London Docks)

Ratcliff and Limehouse


(site of original West India Docks Limehouse Lower Entrance)

(site of original Millwall Dock entrance)

(Greenwich Foot Tunnel)

Cubitt Town

Blackwall and Leamouth

( Bow Creek)

Canning Town

(site of original upper entrance to Royal Victoria Dock)


North Woolwich


  • Gallions Jetty (formerly Cory & Son)
  • New Beckton Wharf (formerly BP)
  • site of Beckton Gas Works and coaling piers
  • Beckton Reach Sewerage Works Pier

Barking Creek

The following wharves are located on the lower section of the River Roding, at Creekmouth.

  • Welbeck Wharf †
  • Pinns Wharf †
  • Kierbeck & Steel Wharves †
  • Debden Wharf (recently improved) †
  • Rippleway Wharf †
  • Alexander Wharf (no longer usable)
  • Maple Wharf (in use?)
  • Bowen Wharf (backland built over; not usable)
  • New Free Trade Wharf (backland built over; not usable)
  • Dockland Construction Wharf (has been redeveloped into industrial units)
  • Docklands Wharf †
  • Victoria Stone Wharf †


  • Lawes Wharf
  • DePass Wharf †
  • Barking or False Point
  • original site of Barking Power Station[29]
  • Barking Riverside Recycling Plant

Dagenham Dock

  • RMC Roadstone †
  • No 7 Jetty (ex-Rugby Cement) (currently vacant)
  • Thunderer Jetty (TDG Dagenham, now Norbert Dentressangle - petrol, distillates, aviation fuel, biofuels, tallow, ethanol, fertilisers, urea etc.)
  • Pinnacle Terminal †
  • White Mountain Roadstone †
  • Hunts Wharf (Van Dalen) †
  • Hanson Aggregates
  • Ford Dagenham Terminal †



  • Mar Dyke
  • Esso (liquid bulks – petroleum products, lubricants and solvents)
  • CLdN Purfleet (RO-RO ferries)
  • Jurgen's Jetty (Pura Foods)
  • Van den Bergh Jetty (Unilever margarine works – edible oils)
  • Civil & Marine Jetty (Upper & Lower)
  • Purfleet Aggregates

(Dartford Crossing)

West Thurrock and Grays

  • Lafarge Jetty (sea-dredged aggregates)
  • Thurrock Marine Terminal (dry bulk cement)
  • Vopak Terminal London (liquid bulks - petroleum products and chemicals - liquid fertilisers, gases; vegetable oils and fats)
  • Stone Ness
  • West Thurrock Jetty (ICL chemical works - dry bulks; chemical powders)
  • Procter & Gamble detergent works
  • Gibbs Wharf (dry bulk - limestone aggregate, coal and other minerals)
  • Nustar Grays Terminal (diesel, gas oil, paraffin, petrol, ethanol)
  • Bruce's Wharf[29]
  • Goldsmith's Wharf[29]


See Port of Tilbury for the main dock system.

  • Tilbury Grain Terminal (cereals)
  • Northfleet Hope Terminal (containers)
  • Tilbury Ness
  • London International Cruise Terminal, Tilbury
  • Tilbury Power Station
  • Coalhouse Point

Shell Haven, Coryton and Canvey Island


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