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List of diplomatic missions of North Korea


List of diplomatic missions of North Korea

Diplomatic missions of North Korea

This is a list of diplomatic missions of North Korea. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world, with limited ties to the international community.

In the Cold War era its foreign policy was focused on the Soviet bloc countries, while it actively courted allies in the developing world. This was more out of political necessity, as the DPRK competed with the Republic of Korea for diplomatic recognition. Eventually however countries began recognizing both governments on the Korean Peninsula, and the DPRK's missions in the developing world are more to do with running aid programs and maintaining political mileage than obtaining any economic benefits.

The DPRK was very slow to opening embassies in Western Europe. Sweden for some time was the only country in the West which had a DPRK presence.


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North Korean Embassy in Beijing
North Korean Embassy in Hanoi
North Korean Embassy in Kathmandu
North Korean Embassy in Phnom Penh
North Korean Embassy in Vientiane


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