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List of closed railway stations in Victoria

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Title: List of closed railway stations in Victoria  
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Subject: Infobox Victorian rail line, Mangalore railway station, Rutherglen railway station, Victorian closed stations, Wahgunyah railway line
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List of closed railway stations in Victoria

Overview map.

This is a list of former railway stations and railway lines in Victoria, Australia. Many of these stations and lines have been abandoned or demolished. For closed railway stations in suburban Melbourne, see List of closed railway stations in Melbourne.


  • Mildura line 1
  • Leongatha line 2
  • Closed lines 3
  • Closed stations 4
    • On operational lines 4.1
      • South West 4.1.1
      • West 4.1.2
      • North 4.1.3
      • North East 4.1.4
      • East 4.1.5
    • On closed lines 4.2
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Mildura line

Originally withdrawn on 12 September 1993. Once served by the Vinelander service, the line branches from the Serviceton line at Ballarat.

Leongatha line

Originally withdrawn on 24 July 1993, however, the Dandenong to Cranbourne section was retained and became part of the Melbourne Suburban rail network in 1995.

Closed lines

The following lines are either closed to regular passenger services, freight only, part of tourist and heritage railways, or closed and removed.[1]

Closed stations

On operational lines

South West

Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Geelong Racecourse Warrnambool line Breakwater 1906 2005 Building demolished. Passenger platform extant.
Moriac Warrnambool line Moriac 1877 1985 Buildings demolished. Passenger and goods platforms extant.
Pirron Yallock Warrnambool line Pirron Yallock ? 1985 Platform demolished, building stands
Pomborneit Warrnambool line Pomborneit ? 1978 Demolished
Weerite Warrnambool line Weerite ? 1975 Demolished
Boorcan Warrnambool line Boorcan 1887 1981 Goods shed extant.
Panmure Warrnambool line Panmure 1890 1981 Demolished
Allansford Warrnambool line Allansford ? 1984 Demolished


Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Parwan Ballarat line Parwan-Exford Road, Parwan 1886 1984 Demolished
Rowsley Ballarat line Rowsley 1889 1956 Demolished
Gordon Ballarat line Gordon 1879 1982 Intact, leased
Millbrook Ballarat line Millbrook 1885[2] 1969 Demolished
Wallace Ballarat line Wallace 1885[3] 1977
Bungaree Ballarat line Bungaree 1879 1985 Platform intact
Dunnstown Ballarat line Dunnstown 1885[4] 1977 Platform demolished, goods shed remains
Warrenheip Ballarat line Warrenheip 1873 1982 Demolished
Ballarat East Ballarat line Humffray Street, Ballarat East 1860s 1960s Platform intact
Forest Street Ararat line Forest Street, Wendouree ? 1980s Demolished
Burrumbeet Ararat line Burrumbeet ? ? Platform intact
Trawalla Ararat line Trawalla ? Late 1970s Intact
Buangor Ararat line Buangor ? Late 1970s Intact, but in disrepair


Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Rupertswood Bendigo line Within Sunbury 1870s December 2004 Intact, one platform demolished.
Carlsruhe Bendigo line, former junction of Daylesford line ?, Carlsruhe ? Destaffed 1978, closed 1982 Intact, building leased out.
Taradale Bendigo line Station Street, Taradale ? 1976 Intact, leased out.
Elphinstone Bendigo line ?, Elphinstone ? Late 1970s Intact, building leased out.
Harcourt Bendigo line ?, Harcourt ? Late 1970s Intact, leased out
Golden Square Bendigo line ?, Golden Square ? Late 1970s Intact, building leased out.
Raywood Yungera line Raywood ? Late 1970s ?

Yungera line

Mitiamo ? Late 1970s ?

Yungera line

Macorna ? Late 1970s ?
Lake Boga

Yungera line

Lake Boga ? Late 1970s Demolished

North East

Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Mangalore Shepparton line Mangalore ? Early 1980s Demolished
Tabilk Shepparton line Tabilk ? Late 1980s Demolished
Wahring Shepparton line Wahring ? Late 1970s Demolished
Arcadia Shepparton line Arcadia ? Late 1970s Demolished
Toolamba Shepparton line Toolamba ? Late 1970s Demolished
Longwood Albury line Longwood 20 November 1872 4 October 1981 Demolished
Baddaginnie Albury line Baddaginnie 19 June 1882 5 July 1978 Demolished, goods platform still visible
Glenrowan Albury line Glenrowan 2 November 1874 4 October 1981 Demolished, rebuilt 2001
Barnawartha Albury line Barnawartha 21 November 1873 Late 1970s Intact


Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Fernbank Bairnsdale line Fernbank ? Late 1970s Demolished
Lindenow Bairnsdale line Lindenow ? Late 1970s Demolished
Hillside Bairnsdale line ? ? Late 1970s Demolished

On closed lines

Name Line Location Opened Closed Current Status
Kensington Queenscliff line ? Leopold 1880 1881 Demolished
Queenscliff Junction Queenscliff line ? South Geelong 1879 1901 Demolished
Geelong Showground Queenscliff line ? Breakwater 1891 ? Demolished
Scarborough Queenscliff line ? 1889 1914 Demolished
Cheethams Siding Queenscliff line Whittington 1909 1959 Demolished
Moolap Queenscliff line Moolap Station Road, Moolap 1881 1961 Demolished
Leopold Queenscliff line Leopold 1881 as Kensington Flat, renamed in 1886 1961 Demolished
Curlewis Queenscliff line Curlewis 1914 1961 Demolished
Mannerim Queenscliff line Mannerim 1883, renamed from Marcus Hill station in 1890 1961 Demolished
Marcus Queenscliff line ? Marcus 1883 as Ocean Grove station, renamed in 1896 as Marcus Hill and renamed again in 1904 1961 Demolished
Tylden Daylesford line ?, Tylden ? 1978 Demolished
Fern Hill Daylesford line ? ? 1978 Demolished
Woodleigh Wonthaggi line ? 1910 as Hunter, renamed Woodleigh a few months later 1978 Demolished
Kernot Wonthaggi line ? 1910 as McKenzie, renamed Kernot in 1915 1978 Demolished
Almurta Wonthaggi line ? 1910 1978 Demolished
Glen Forbes Wonthaggi line ? 1910 as Kernot, renamed Glen Forbes in 1915 1978 Demolished
Woolamai Wonthaggi line ? 1910 1978 Demolished
Anderson Wonthaggi line ? 1910 1978 Demolished
Kilcunda Wonthaggi line ? 1910 1978 Demolished
Dalyston Wonthaggi line ? 1910 1978 Demolished
Wonthaggi Wonthaggi line ? 1910 late 1977 – 78 Intact, station has been transformed into local museum
Clyde South Gippsland line Railway Rd, Clyde 1892 1994 Services to be restored in the future.
Tooradin South Gippsland line Tooradin Station Road, Tooradin 1892 1994
Koo Wee Rup South Gippsland line Station Road, Koo Wee Rup 1892 1994 Services to be restored in the future.
Monomeith South Gippsland line Monomeith Road, Monomeith 1892 1994 Demolished
Lang Lang South Gippsland line Rosebery Road, Lang Lang 1892 1994
Ruby South Gippsland line Ruby Road, Ruby 1892 1994 Demolished
Koonwarra South Gippsland line Johnsons Road Koonwarra 1892 1994 Demolished
Meeniyan South Gippsland line Scholers Road, Meeniyan 1892 1994 Demolished
Buffalo South Gippsland line Neals Road, Buffalo 1892 1994 Demolished
Fish Creek South Gippsland line Falls Road, Fish Creek 1892 1994 Demolished
Foster South Gippsland line Station Road, Foster 1892 1994 Demolished
Toora South Gippsland line Victoria Street, Toora 1892 1994 Demolished
Barry Beach Junction South Gippsland line Main Access Road (Off Barry Road) Barry Beach Junction 1892 1994 Marine Terminal Operational, Transported by Boat (No Rail), Rails Removed (Paved Over)
Welshpool South Gippsland line Railway Avenue, Welshpool 1892 1994 Demolished
Yeoburn Kerang-Koondrook Tramway line Yeoburn 1889 1981 ?
Hinksons Kerang-Koondrook Tramway line ? 1889 1981 ?
Teal Point Kerang-Koondrook Tramway line Teal Point 1889 1981 ?
Gannawarra Kerang-Koondrook Tramway line Gannawarra 1889 1981 ?
Koondrook Kerang-Koondrook Tramway line Koondrook 1889 1981 ?
Broomfield Ballarat to Daylesford line Broomfield ? ? ?
Allendale Ballarat to Dalyesford line Allendale ? ? ?
Kingston Ballarat to Dalyesford line Kingston ? ? ?
Newlyn Ballarat to Dalyesford line Newlyn ? ? ?
Rocklyn Ballarat to Dalyesford line Rocklyn ? ? ?
Wombat Ballarat to Dalyesford line Wombat ? ? ?
Leonard Ballarat to Dalyesford line Leonard ? ? ?
Sailors Falls Ballarat to Dalyesford line Sailors Falls ? ? ?
Woodburn Ballarat to Dalyesford line Woodburn ? ? ?

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