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List of clauses of the United States Constitution

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Title: List of clauses of the United States Constitution  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Appointments Clause, United States Constitution, US Constitution, The American Museum (magazine), Bill of credit
Collection: Clauses of the United States Constitution, United States Law-Related Lists
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List of clauses of the United States Constitution

The United States Constitution and its amendments comprise hundreds of clauses which outline the functioning of the United States Federal Government, the political relationship between the states and the national government, and affect how the United States federal court system interprets the law. When a particular clause becomes an important or contentious issue of law, it is given a name for ease of reference.


  • Clauses of original constitution 1
  • Clauses of the Bill of Rights 2
    • First Amendment 2.1
    • Fifth Amendment 2.2
    • Sixth Amendment 2.3
    • Eighth Amendment 2.4
  • Clauses of the other Amendments 3
    • Fourteenth Amendment 3.1

Clauses of original constitution

Clause Name Article Section Clause
1808 Clause I 9 1
Admissions Clause IV 3 1
Advice and Consent Clause II 2 2
Appointments Clause II 2 2
Arisings Clause III 2 1
Basket Clause I 8 18
Case or Controversy Clause III 2 1
Coefficient Clause Clause I 8 18
Comity Clause IV 2 1
Commerce Clause I 8 3
Compact Clause I 10 3
Contract Clause I 10 1
Copyright Clause I 8 8
Diversity (of Citizenship) Clause III 2 1
Elastic Clause I 8 18
Emoluments Clause I 6 2
Emolument Clause I 9 8
Enclave Clause I 8 17
Excepting Clause II 2 2
Exceptions Clause III 2 2
Export Clause I 10 2
Faithful Execution Clause II 3
Faithfully Executed Clause II 3
Foreign Commerce Clause I 8 3
Fugitive Slave Clause IV 2 3
Full Faith and Credit Clause IV 1
General Welfare Clause I 8 1
Guarantee Clause IV 4
Impeachment Clause II 4
Impeachment Clause (Power to Impeach) I 2 5
Impeachment Clause (Effect of) I 3 7
Implied Powers Clause I 8 18
Import/Export Clause I 10 2
Incompatibility Clause I 6 2
Indian Commerce Clause Clause I 8 3
Ineligibility Clause I 6 2
Interstate Commerce Clause I 8 3
Loyalty Clause VI 3
Migration or Importation Clause I 9 1
Naturalization Clause I 8 4
Necessary and Proper Clause I 8 18
Orders, Resolutions, and Votes Clause I 7 3
Origination Clause I 7 1
Presentment Clause I 7 2-3
Privileges and Immunities Clause IV 2 1
Property Clause IV 3 2
Qualifications Clause I 2 1
Qualifications (of Senators) Clause I 3 3
Qualifications Clause (for Presidency) II 1 5
Republican Form Clause IV 4
Revenue Clause I 7 1
Sinecure Clause I 6 2
Speech or Debate Clause I 6 1
Spending Clause I 8 1
Supervising Clause VI 2
Supremacy Clause VI 2
Suspension Clause I 9 2
Sweeping Clause I 8 18
Take Care Clause II 3
Taxing and Spending Clause I 8 1
Territorial Clause IV 3 2
Three-Fifths Clause I 2 3
Title of Nobility Clause I 9 8
Tonnage Clause I 10 3
Treaty Clause II 2 2
Uniformity Clause I 8 1
Vesting Clause (Legislative) I 1
Vesting Clause (Executive) II 1
Vesting Clause (Judicial) III 1
War Clause I 8 11

Clauses of the Bill of Rights

First Amendment

Fifth Amendment

Sixth Amendment

Eighth Amendment

Clauses of the other Amendments

Fourteenth Amendment

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