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List of biblical names starting with N

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See Bible Study Tools Library letter N or Christian Classics Ethereal Library letter N or Smith's Bible Dictionary letter N or Easton's Bible Dictionary letter N for additional definitions and Biblical sources. Most of the men's and women's biblical names can be found in Herbert Lockyer's books with a biblical source where in the bible they can be found.[1] Many also have a short study on the name.[1] Most of the Biblical name definitions for places, cities, countries, angels, gods, mountains and Hebrew names can be found in Nancy M. Tischler's two volume encyclopedia All things in the Bible, an encyclopedia of the biblical world with a short study on each of them.[2]

  • Naam, fair; pleasant[3]
  • Naaman, pleasantness[4]
  • Naamah, can refer to a figure in Genesis, the wife of Solomon or a demon, beautiful; agreeable[3]
  • Naarah, Naarai, young person[3]
  • Naaran, juvenile,[5] boyish, juvenile[6]
  • Naashon, that foretells; that conjectures[3]
  • Naasson, enchanter[7]
  • Nabal, fool; senseless[3]
  • Naboth, words; prophecies[3]
  • Nachon, ready; sure[3]
  • Nachor, same as Nahor[3]
  • Nadab, free and voluntary gift; prince[3]
  • Nagge, clearness; brightness; light[3]
  • Nahaliel, inheritance; valley of God[3]
  • Nahallal, praised; bright[3]
  • Naham, Nahamani, comforter; leader[3]
  • Naharai, my nostrils; hot; anger[3]
  • Nahash, snake; serpent[3]
  • Nahath, rest; a leader[3]
  • Nahbi, very secret[3]
  • Nahor, hoarse; dry; hot[3]
  • Nahshon, same as Naashon[3]
  • Nahum, comforter; penitent[3]
  • Nain, beauty; pleasantness[3]
  • Naioth, beauties; habitations[3]
  • Naomi, beautiful; agreeable; sweet; pleasant[3]
  • Naphish, the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires[3]
  • Naphtali, that struggles or fights[3]
  • Narcissus, astonishment; stupidity[3]
  • Nason, helper; entry-way[3]
  • Nathan, given; giving; rewarded[3]
  • Nathanael, the gift of God[3]
  • Nathan-melech, the gift of the king, or of counsel[3]
  • Naum, same as Nahum[3]
  • Nazareth, separated; crowned; sanctified[3]
  • Nazarite, one chosen or set apart[3]
  • Neah, moved; moving[3]
  • Neapolis, the new city[3]
  • Neariah, child of the Lord[3]
  • Nebai, budding; speaking; prophesying[3]
  • Nebaioth, words; prophecies; buds[3]
  • Neballat, prophecy; budding[3]
  • Nebat, that beholds[3]
  • Nebo, that speaks or prophesies[3]
  • Nebuchadrezzar, tears and groans of judgment[3]
  • Nebushasi hahban, speech; prophecy; springing; flowing[3]
  • Nebuzar-adan, fruits or prophecies of judgment[3]
  • Necho, lame; beaten[3]
  • Nedabiah, prince or vow of the Lord[3]
  • Neginoth, stringed instruments[3]
  • Nehelamite, dreamer; vale; brook[3]
  • Nehemiah, consolation; repentance of the Lord[3]
  • Nehum, comforter; penitent[3]
  • Nehushta, made of brass[3]
  • Nehushtan, a trifling thing of brass[3]
  • Neiel, commotion, or moving, of God[3]
  • Nekoda, painted; inconstant[3]
  • Nemuel, the sleeping of God[3]
  • Nepheg, weak; slacked[3]
  • Nephish, same as Naphish[3]
  • Nephishesim, diminished; torn in pieces[3]
  • Nephthalim, same as Naphtali[3]
  • Nephthoah, opening; open[3]
  • Nephusim, same as Nephishesim[3]
  • Ner, a lamp; new-tilled land[3]
  • Nereus, same as Ner[3]
  • Nergal, the great man; the hero[3]
  • Nergal-sharezer, treasurer of Nergal[3]
  • Neri, my light[3]
  • Neriah, light; lamp of the Lord[3]
  • Nethaneel, same as Nathanael[3]
  • Nethaniah, the gift of the Lord[3]
  • Nethinims, given or offered[3]
  • Neziah, conqueror; strong[3]
  • Nezib, standing-place[3]
  • Nibhaz, budding; prophesying,[8] the barker[9][10]
  • Nibshan, prophecy; growing of a tooth[3]
  • Nicanor, a conqueror; victorious[3]
  • Nicodemus, victory of the people[3]
  • Nicolas, same as Nicodemus[3]
  • Nicolaitanes, followers of Nicolas[3]
  • Nicopolis, the city of victory[3]
  • Niger, black[3]
  • Nimrah, Nimrim, leopard; bitterness; rebellion[3]
  • Nimrod, rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word)[3]
  • Nimshi, rescued from danger[3]
  • Nineveh, handsome; agreeable[3]
  • Nisan, standard; miracle[3]
  • Nisroch, flight; proof; temptation; delicate[3]
  • No, stirring up; forbidding[3]
  • Noadiah, witness, or ornament, of the Lord[3]
  • Noah, (pronounced No-ach) rest; consolation[3]
  • Noah, motion (Zelophehad's daughter)[3]
  • Nob, discourse; prophecy[3]
  • Nobah, that barks or yelps[3]
  • Nod, vagabond; fugitive[3]
  • Nodab, vowing of his own accord[3]
  • Noe, same as Noah[3]
  • Nogah, brightness; clearness[3]
  • Noha, rest; a guide[3]
  • Non, posterity; a fish; eternal[3]
  • Noph, honeycomb; anything that distills or drops[3]
  • Nophah, fearful; binding[3]
  • Norah, same as Noah[3]
  • Nun, same as Non[3]
  • Nymphas, spouse; bridegroom[3]


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