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List of bend knots

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Title: List of bend knots  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Shroud knot, Reef knot, Butterfly bend, Carrick bend, Fisherman's knot
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List of bend knots

This is a list of types of bend knots. A bend knot is a knot used to join two lengths of rope. Although the reef knot can be used in this way, it is insecure when used as a bend and so is not classed as one.

The sheet bend is the classic bend knot.

Types of bend knots

Knot Description Image
Adjustable bend A bend knot that can be easily lengthened or shortened.
Albright special A knot (properly, a bend) used in angling.
Ashley's bend A knot used to securely join the ends of two ropes together.
Beer knot A bend that can only be used in tubular webbing. Its most common application is in slings used in rock climbing.
Blood knot A knot most usefully employed for joining sections of monofilament nylon line while maintaining a high portion of the line's inherent strength.
Butterfly bend A type of knot used to join the ends of two ropes together.
Carrick bend A knot used for joining two lines. It is particularly appropriate for very heavy rope or cable that is too large and stiff to easily be formed into other common bends.
Double fisherman's knot A bend, or a knot used to join two lengths of rope.
Fisherman's knot A bend (a knot for joining two lines) with a symmetrical structure consisting of two overhand knots, each tied around the standing part of the other.
Flemish bend A knot for joining two ropes of roughly similar size.
Harness bend A general purpose bend knot used to join two ropes together.
Heaving line bend A quick and simple knot that is used to attach playing strings to the thick silk eyes of the anchorage knot.
Hunter's bend A knot used to join two lines.
Nail knot A knot used in fly fishing which can be tied in multiple ways.
One-sided overhand bend
Racking bend
Sheet bend
Shroud knot A multi-strand bend knot used to join two ends of laid (or twisted) rope together.
Simple Simon under
Single carrick bend
Surgeon's knot
Triple fisherman's knot
True lover's knot
Water knot
Zeppelin bend
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