A citharede (Greek: κιθαροιδός, Latin: citharoedus; British English citharoede) or, in modern usage, citharist, refers to a classical Greek professional performer (singer) of the cithara (or sometimes lyre), as one who used the cithara to accompany their singing. Famous citharedes included Terpander and Arion.

"Citharede" was also an epithet of Apollo (Apollo Citharede), and the term is used to refer to statues which portray Apollo with his lyre.


The Greek word kitharoidos (κιθαροιδός) came into Latin as citharoedus, which naturally became "citharede" in English (citharède in French).[1] However, later in Greek the spelling kitharōdos (κιθαρῳδός) became prevalent (like Greek rhapsōdos).[2] Though this form never came into Latin, it would naturally have become citharōdus, which in English would be "citharode". For this reason the word citharede is sometimes spelled citharode (or the raw kitharode).

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