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Civil law (area)


Civil law (area)

Civil law in Continental law (civil law in broader sense) is a branch (body) of law which is the general part of private law.

The basis for civil law lies in a civil code. Before enacting of codes, civil law could not be distinguished from private law. After that some special areas of private law began to develop, such as commercial law (in the 17th century) and labour law (in the 19th century).

Civil law itself has the general part. It consists of capacity and status.


  • Comparison with common law 1
  • Special areas of private law which are not the parts of civil law 2
  • References 3
    • Czech civil law textbooks 3.1
    • Portugal 3.2
  • See also 4

Comparison with common law

Civil law corresponds of these areas of Common Law:

  1. Family
  2. Property
  3. Wills
  4. Contracts
  5. Torts

There are usually no trusts in the civil law.

Special areas of private law which are not the parts of civil law


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sorted chronologically

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