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Carl Watner

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Title: Carl Watner  
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Subject: Auberon Herbert, Individualist anarchism in the United States, Anarchism in the United States, Anarcho-capitalists, Historians of anarchism
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Carl Watner

Portrait of Carl Watner

Carl Watner (born 1948) is an American author and historian of libertarian studies, and a voluntaryist. He has written articles for Reason magazine, The Libertarian Forum, and The Journal of Libertarian Studies.

He publishes and edits The Voluntaryist newsletter since 1982. The Voluntaryist promotes libertarian economics, abstention from voting, nonviolence, and abolition of the state through conscious non-cooperation. The libertarian philosophy of the late Robert LeFevre, of whom he was a student, was influential in Watner's intellectual development. In addition to writing articles for The Voluntaryist, Watner researches and writes about historical libertarian texts. Murray Rothbard credited Watner for "uncovering an unknown work by the great Lysander Spooner, one that managed to escape the editor of Spooner's Collected Works" entitled "Vices are not Crimes."[1] His work has been discussed and cited by Roderick Long,[2] David Gordon of the Ludwig von Mises Institute,[3] and other scholars.


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External links

  • Voluntaryist.Com Voluntaryist writings featuring essays by Carl Watner
  • The Voluntaryist Website for newsletter edited by Carl Watner espousing voluntaryism
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