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Title: Cantonment  
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Subject: Minor campaigns of 1815, Bangalore Cantonment, Faisal Cantonment, Barracks, Karachi Cantonment
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For other uses, see Cantonment (disambiguation). See also Canton (disambiguation) and Cantonist.

A cantonment (, , or UK ) is a military or police quarters.[1] The word cantonment is derived from the French word canton meaning corner or district, as is the name of the Cantons of Switzerland.[2] In South Asia, the term cantonment also describes permanent military stations.[1] Cantonments can be found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In United States military parlance, a cantonment is an essentially permanent residential (i.e. barracks) section of a fort or other military installation such as Fort Hood.

The term is often abbreviated to "cantt."


During a campaign, cantonments are places of encampment formed by troops for a more permanent stay, or while in winter quarters.[1] For example at the start of the Waterloo campaign in 1815, while the Duke of Wellington's headquarters were in Brussels, most of his Anglo-allied army of 93,000 were cantoned to the south of Brussels.[3]

List of permanent cantonments


The former Sherpur Cantonment in Kabul, Afghanistan - site of the 1879 Siege of the Sherpur Cantonment in the Second Anglo-Afghan War - is now maintained as a British Military Cemetery.



The Indian Army maintains a training mission in Indian subcontinent, such as Ahmedabad, Ambala, Belgaum, Bangalore, Kanpur, Bathinda, Delhi, Meerut, Pune, Peshawar, Ramgarh, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Secunderabad, and Trichy, contained large cantonments of the former British Indian Army, with Meerut and Ramgarh being the most important cantonments in North India after the headquarters at Rawalpindi. Meerut was established in 1803 and was for 150 years the biggest cantonment in the region. While in the 18th and 19th century cantonments in India were viewed as semi-permanent, by the turn of the 20th century they became permanent garrisons, and were further entrenched as such via the military reforms of Lord Kitchener in 1903 and the Cantonments Act of 1924.[4]



There are 62 'notified Cantonments' in India occupying an area of 1,57,000 acres: 25 in Central Command, 13 in Western Command, 4 in Eastern Command; and one in the Northern Command.[5] In addition 15,96,000 acres is in use for military garrisons, "quartering, camping, offices", and training areas.[5] Major cantonments and garrisons are:

Notified Cantonments

1. Agra Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

2. Ahmedabad Cantonment, Gujarat, Southern Command.

3. Ahmednagar Cantonment, Maharashtra, Southern Command.

4. Ajmer Cantonment, Rajasthan Southern Command.

5. Allahabad Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

6. Almora Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command

7. Ambala Cantonment, Haryana, Western Command.

8. Amritsar Cantonment, Punjab, Western Command

9. Aurangabad Cantonment, Maharashtra, Southern Command.

10. Babina Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Southern Command.

11. Badamibagh Cantonment Jammu and Kashmir Northern Command

12. Bakloh Cantonment, Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh, Western Command.

13. Bareilly Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

14. Barrackpore, West Bengal, Eastern Command.

15. Belgaum Cantonment, Karnataka, Southern Command

16. Cannanore Cantonment, Kerala, Southern Command.

17. Chakrata Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

18. Clement Town Cantonment, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

19. Dagshai Cantonment, Himachal Pradesh, Western Command

20. Dalhousie Cantonment, Himachal Pradesh, Western Command.

21. Danapur Cantonment, Bihar, Central Command.

22. Dehradun Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

23. Dehu Road Cantonment Maharashtra, Southern Command.

24. Delhi Cantonment, Delhi, Western Command.

25. Deolali Cantonment Maharashtra Southern Command

26. Faizabad Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

27. Fatehgarh Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command

28. Ferozepur Cantonment, Punjab, Western Command

29. Jabalpur Cantonment, Madhya Pradesh, Central Command

30. Jalandhar Cantonment, Punjab, Western Command

31. Jalapahar, Darjeeling, West Bengal, Eastern Command.

32. Jammu Cantonment Jammu and Kashmir, Western Command.

33. Jhansi Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Southern Command.

34. Jutogh Cantonment, Shimla Himachal Pradesh, Western Command.

35. Kamptee Cantonment, Maharashtra, Southern Command.

36. Kanpur Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

37. Kasauli Cantonment, Himachal Pradesh, Western Command.

38. Khas Yol Cantonment, Kangara Himachal Pradesh Western Command

39. Kirkee Cantonment Maharashtra Southern Command.

40. Landour Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

41. Lansdowne Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

42. Lebong, Darjeeling, West Bengal Eastern Command.

43. Lucknow Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

44. Mathura Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

45. Meerut Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

46. Mhow Cantonment, Madhya Pradesh, Central Command.

47. Morar Cantonment, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, Southern Command.

48. Nainital Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

49. Nasirabad Cantonment, Rajasthan, Southern Command.

50. Pachmarhi Cantonment, Madhya Pradesh, Central Command.

51. Pune Cantonment, Maharashtra, Southern Command.

52. Ramgarh Cantonment, Jharkhand, Central Command.

53. Ranikhet Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

54. Roorkee Cantonment, Uttarakhand, Central Command.

55. Saugor Cantonment, Madhya Pradesh, Southern Command.

56. Secunderabad Cantonment, Telangana, Southern Command

57. Shahajahanpur Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

58. Shillong Cantonment, Meghalaya, Eastern Command.

59. St. Thomas Mount Cantonment, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Southern Command.

60. Subathu Cantonment, Shimla Hills, Himachal Pradesh, Western Command.

61. Varanasi Cantonment, Uttar Pradesh, Central Command.

62. Wellington Cantonment, Tamil Nadu, Southern Command.

Unlisted Military Garrisons-Cantonments

  1. Abohar Cantonment (Punjab)
  2. Agartala Cantonment (Tripura)
  3. Aizawl Cantonment (Mizoram)
  4. Akhnoor Cantonment
  5. Anand Parbat Cantonment (New Delhi)
  6. Bangalore Cantonment
  7. Bhuj Cantonment (Bhuj, Gujarat)
  8. Bhopal Cantonment (Madhya Pradesh)
  9. Bathinda Cantonment (Bathinda, Punjab)
  10. Bombay Cantonment (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  11. Chandigarh Cantonment (Chandigarh)
  12. Daman Cantonment (Daman and Diu )
  13. Dum Dum Cantonment (Kolkata)
  14. Faridabad Cantonment (Haryana)
  15. Gandhinagar Cantonment (Gandhinagar, Gujarat)
  16. Gangtok Cantonment (Sikkim)
  17. Gopalpur Cantonment (Brahmapur, Orissa)
  18. Guwahati Cantonment (Assam)
  19. Hisar Cantt (Hisar, Haryana)
  20. Itanagar Cantonment (Arunachal Pradesh)
  21. Imphal Cantonment (Manipur)
  22. Jaipur Cantonment (Rajasthan)
  23. Jodhpur Cantonment (Rajasthan)
  24. Kavaratti Cantonment (Lakshadweep)
  25. Kohima Cantonment (Nagaland)
  26. Ludhiana Cantonment (Punjab)
  27. Mamoon cantt (Punjab)
  28. Mumbai Cantonment (Maharashtra)
  29. Nagrota Cantonment, Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir)
  30. OEF Cantonment (Kanpur)
  31. Panaji Cantonment (Goa)
  32. Patiala Cantonment (Punjab)
  33. Pondicherry Cantonment (Pondicherry)
  34. PortBlair Cantonment (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)
  35. Raipur Cantonment (Chhattisgarh)
  36. Ramgarh Cantonment
  37. Ranchi Cantonment (Jharkhand)
  38. Silvassa Cantonment (Dadra and Nagar Haveli )
  39. Shahjahanpur Cantonment
  40. Surat cantonment (Surat, Gujarat)
  41. Thiruvananthapuram Cantonment (Kerala)
  42. Udhampur Cantonment (Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir)
  43. Unnao Cantonment (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh)
  44. Vadodra Cantonment (Vadodra, Gujarat)



In Singapore, the term is used to denote a Police Cantonment.[8]

Sri Lanka

United States

The term "cantonment" is not widely used in the United States other than on military installations.

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