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Biathlon at the 1976 Winter Olympics


Biathlon at the 1976 Winter Olympics

at the XII Olympic Winter Games
Venue Seefeld
Dates February 6-13
Competitors 74 from 18 nations

Biathlon at the 1976 Winter Olympics consisted of two biathlon events, held at Seefeld. The events began on 6 February and ended on 13 February 1976.[1]


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  • Men's events 4
    • 20 km 4.1
    • 4 x 7.5 km relay 4.2
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Medal summary

Three nations won medals in biathlon, the Soviet Union leading the medal table with three medals (2 gold, 1 bronze). Nikolay Kruglov led the individual medal table, winning the individual race, and adding a gold medal in the relay.

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union (URS) 2 0 1 3
2  Finland (FIN) 0 2 0 2
3  East Germany (GDR) 0 0 1 1


Event Gold Silver Bronze
 Nikolay Kruglov
Soviet Union (URS)
1:14:12.3  Heikki Ikola
Finland (FIN)
1:15:54.1  Aleksandr Elizarov
Soviet Union (URS)
 Soviet Union (URS)
Aleksandr Elizarov
Ivan Biakov
Nikolay Kruglov
Aleksandr Tikhonov
1:57:55.6  Finland (FIN)
Henrik Flöjt
Esko Saira
Juhani Suutarinen
Heikki Ikola
2:01:45.6  East Germany (GDR)
Karl-Heinz Menz
Frank Ullrich
Manfred Beer
Manfred Geyer

Participating nations

Eighteen nations sent biathletes to compete in the events. Below is a list of the competing nations; in parentheses are the number of national competitors. Bulgaria and Chinese Taipei (as Republic of China) made their Olympic biathlon debuts.[1]


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Men's events

20 km

Medal Athlete Time Missed Targets Adjusted Time
Gold  Nikolay Kruglov (URS) 1:12:12.26 2 1:14:12.26
Silver  Heikki Ikola (FIN) 1:13:54.10 2 1:15:54.10
Bronze  Aleksandr Elizarov (URS) 1:13:05.57 3 1:16:05.57

4 x 7.5 km relay

Medal Athletes Time Missed Targets
Gold  Soviet Union (URS) (Aleksandr Elizarov, Ivan Biakov, Nikolay Kruglov, Alexander Tikhonov) 1:57:55.64 0
Silver  Finland (FIN) (Henrik Flöjt, Esko Saira, Juhani Suutarinen, Heikki Ikola) 2:01:45.58 2
Bronze  East Germany (GDR) (Karl-Heinz Menz, Frank Ullrich, Manfred Beer, Manfred Geyer) 2:04:08.61 5


  • Official Olympic Report
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