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BBC World News (TV series)


BBC World News (TV series)

BBC World News
Created by BBC World News
Presented by Ros Atkins
Martine Dennis
Peter Dobbie
David Eades
Mike Embley
Karin Giannone
Lucy Hockings
Geeta Guru-Murthy
Komla Dumor
Naga Munchetty
Adnan Nawaz
Theme music composer David Lowe
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Location(s) BBC Television Centre (1995–2013)
Broadcasting House (2013–)
Running time Varies
Original channel BBC World News
BBC One/BBC One HD (01:00-06:00)
BBC Two/BBC Two HD (2013-) (11:30 GMT)
BBC News/BBC News HD (02:00–06:00 GMT (Mon–Fri); 00:00–06:00 GMT (Weekends))
Picture format 576i (16:9 SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
First shown in 16 January 1995[1]
Original release 16 January 1995[2] – present
Preceded by BBC World Service Television[3]
Related shows BBC World News America
Focus on Africa
World News Today

BBC World News is the standard news bulletin featuring the latest international news, broadcast throughout most of the day on BBC World News. Some editions also feature brief business and sport reports as well. A brief weather report is broadcsat at the end of each programme.


  • Broadcasts 1
    • Weekdays: 02:00–05:00 / Weekends: 01:00-06:00 1.1
    • Weekdays: 05:00–08:00 The World Today 1.2
    • Weekdays: 08:00–12:00 1.3
    • Weekdays: 17:00–18:00 1.4
    • Friday: 20:00–21:00 1.5
    • Friday: 23:00-02:00 1.6
    • Weekends: 06:00–12:00 1.7
    • Weekends: 12:00–19:00 1.8
    • Weekends: 19:00–21:00 & 22:00-01:00 1.9
  • Simulcast in the UK 2
  • References 3
  • External links 4


(all times are UKT GMT +1 in summer;GMT in winter)

Weekdays: 02:00–05:00 / Weekends: 01:00-06:00

Mike Embley (Tuesday-Friday) or Maleen Saeed (Saturday-Monday) present this slot. Until June 2012 this slot was filled with Newsday when the programme moved to an earlier slot. Also simulcast in the UK on BBC News and on BBC One the slot's focus is on audiences watching on PBS in the U.S. It also has 'UK news in brief' for domestic viewers.

The opener is often 'This is BBC World News with Mike Embley; broadcasting to our viewers at home, on PBS in America and all round the world.'

Weekdays: 05:00–08:00 The World Today

Formerly known as The World Today, this slot is a breakfast programme for Europe, Africa and the UK (until 06:00 UKT when BBC Breakfast starts). Naga Munchetty and Sally Bundock present from Monday to Wednesday and Adnan Nawaz and Alice Baxter host Thursday to Friday. Until June 2012, Munchetty shared presenting duties with Komla Dumor until he left to present Focus on Africa, and Komla Dumor shared presenting duties with Naga Munchetty again since September 2012. It has a slightly different format and titles it inculeds The Papers, Sport and World Business Report. Komla Dumor died suddenly on 18 January 2014 of a heart attack.[4] Martine Dennis will be leaving the BBC, to join Al Jazeera English in March, 2014.[5] Naga Munchetty is to leave the slot taking up a full-time Breakfast role in September 2014.

Adnan Nawaz replaced Komla Dumour exactly a year after Dumour's death.

Weekdays: 08:00–12:00

Geeta Guru-Murthy, Kasia Madera or David Eades present from Monday-Thursday or Friday alternating. Between 11:30–12:00 the programme is simulcast on BBC Two in the UK as part of the eleven o'clock news hour. There is no Wednesday edition when Parliament is in session in the UK.

Weekdays: 17:00–18:00

This slot has no fixed presenter as of 2014. On Fridays the slot consists only of the 16:00–18:00 hour with Atkins hosting World Have Your Say at 15:00. Ross Atkins hosts Outside Source at 18:00 and Lucy Hockings now hosts Impact.

Friday: 20:00–21:00

Jamie Robertson hosts this slot.

Friday: 23:00-02:00

Madera presents this edition if she doesn't present World News Today. Shown also in UK on BBC News channel from 00:00. The slot's focus is on audiences watching on PBS in the U.S. it also has a 'UK news in brief' section for domestic viewers.

Weekends: 06:00–12:00

Previously presented by Martine Dennis.

Weekends: 12:00–19:00

Karin Giannone takes on this slot on the channel.

Weekends: 19:00–21:00 & 22:00-01:00

The final weekend slot is presented by Peter Dobbie. The presenter goes on to present 'World News Today' on the channel and BBC News Channel at 21:00 and from 00:00.

Simulcast in the UK

From 00:00–06:00 the programme is shown in the UK on BBC One or BBC Two and the BBC News channel, and is simply branded as BBC News (with the exception of 05:00–06:00 on weekdays). Commercials are not shown in the simulcast on the domestic channels. Instead, while international viewers take a commercial break, the presenters give a brief update on UK news. As of 13 June 2011 Newsday has replaced the weekday 01:00–05:00 edition of the programme. As 18 June 2012, Newsday has changed the schedule to 22:00–01:00 (summer) 23:00-02:00 (winter) GMT every Sunday to Thursday. So 01:00–05:00 GMT the weekdays programme is branded as BBC News again.

As of June 2015, they will simulcast Outside Source with Ros Atkins on Mondays-Thursday at (During major stories 18:00) / at 21:00 and a new edition of World News Today Friday-Sunday at 21:00. Newsday was moved also to 00:00.

As of January 2012, the programme is also shown in the UK on BBC Two during 11:30–12:00 GMT on Mondays–Fridays. There is no Wednesday edition when Parliament is sitting, because of an hour and a half long edition of The Daily Politics to cover Prime Ministers Questions.


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