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Australia–Senegal relations


Australia–Senegal relations

Monthly value of Australian merchandise exports to Senegal (A$ millions) since 1988[1]

Australia–Senegal relations refer to bilateral relations between Australia and Senegal.


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Until 2004 Australia's High Commissioner to Nigeria was accredited to Senegal (along with Ghana and the Gambia).[2] Bob Whitty held this position from January 2001, followed by Iain Cameron Dickie from February 2004.[2] In 2004 an Australian High Commission was opened in Ghana,[3] and the High Commissioner was accredited to Senegal (along with Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone and Togo).[4] Jonathan Richardson was the first High Commissioner in this role,[3] then William Williams held the position until February 2012, when he was replaced by Joanna Adamson.[4]

Senegal's ambassadors accredited to Australia have included Ahmed Tijane Kane in 1985,[5] Mady Ndao in 1989.[6]

It was announced in May 2012 that Australia would establish an embassy in Dakar, Senegal,[7] which would be the first Australian embassy in a French-speaking African nation.[8] This promise helped to deliver African votes for Australia to obtain a seat on the United Nations Security Council in October 2012.[9] In May 2013, the promise was indefinitely delayed due to budget cuts at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Gillard Government.[9]


Senegal's 2003 mining code is based on those of Australia and Canada.[10] Senegal's Director of Mines and Geology actively promotes Australian mining investment.[11] Several mining companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange including BHP Billiton,[12] Mineral Deposits Limited,[13] Bassari Resources,[11] Erin Resources,[10] and First Australian Resources (partnered with Petrosen, Senegal's national oil company),[14][15] have projects in Senegal, primarily mining gold, mineral sands,[16] and oil and gas.[14]

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