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Aqueducts on the Canal du Midi

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Title: Aqueducts on the Canal du Midi  
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Language: English
Subject: Canal du Midi, Locks on the Canal du Midi
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Aqueducts on the Canal du Midi

Aqueducts on the Canal du Midi allow the canal to intersect and cross over natural streams. There are two exceptions, the first is the Herbettes Aqueduct where it crosses a four-lane highway in Toulouse. Another exception is where it intersections with the Libron river and the crossing is accomplished via the Ouvrages du Libron.

Aqueducts on the Canal du Midi will be named either as an aqueduct (French: aqueduc) or a canal bridge (French: pont-canal). In most cases, the aqueduct is a more simple structure, just allowing the stream to pass under the canal. The pont-canal, on the other hand, is a much larger bridge style structure with perhaps more than one arch.

Aqueducts on Canal du Midi
Codes: A=Aqueducts, CB=Canal Bridge, LC=Libron Crossing, Tu=Tunnel
Code PK[A] Name Lat/Lon Comment
CB 8.1 Herbettes Aqueduct 34|27.31|N|1|28|10|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Herbettes Aqueduct

}} || (French: Pont-canal des Herbettes)

A 12.8 Madron Aqueduct N|1.49313|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Madron Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Madron)

A 18.4 Rieumory Aqueduct N|1.52356|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Rieumory Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Rieumory)

A 21.2 Juncasse Aqueduct N|1.54398|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Juncasse Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de la Juncasse)

A 26.5 Nostreseigne Aqueduct N|1.59031|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Nostreseigne Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Nostreseigné)

A 28.3 Ayguesvives Aqueduct N|1.60272|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Ayguesvives Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc d'Ayguesives)

A 30.5 Encons Aqueduct N|1.61930|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Encons Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc d'Encons)

A 33.6 Negra Aqueduct N|1.64127|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Negra Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Négra)

A 38.5 Gardouch Aqueduct 23|36.79|N|1|41|16.90|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Gardouch Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Gardouch)

A 40.5 Lers Aqueduct 23|10.14|N|1|42|31.70|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Lers Aqueduct

}}|| (French: Aqueduc de Lers)

A 47.7 Radel Aqueduct N|1.77515|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Radel Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Radel)

- 52.1 Summit stretch 21|19|N|1|49|5|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Canal summit stretch

}} ||

A 52.3 Vasague Aqueduct N|1.82109|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Vasague Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Vasague)

A 73.2 Tréboul Aqueduct 16|50.42|N|2|02|54.99|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Tréboul Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Tréboul)

A 76.3 Mezuran Aqueduct N|2.07955|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Mezuran Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Mezuran)

A 83.7 Rébenty Aqueduct 14|39.11|N|2|09|20.98|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Rébenty Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Rébenty)

A 87.9 Espitalet Aqueduct 13|58.53|N|2|12|16.46|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Espitalet Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de l'Espitalet)

A 91.9 Elfaix Aqueduct N|2.23952|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Elfaix Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc d'Elfaix)

A 93.7 Sauzens Aqueduct N|2.25170|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Sauzens Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Sauzens)

A 101.1 Saume Aqueduct N|2.31322|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Saume Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Saume)

A 102.6 Arnouze Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de l'Arnouze)
A 106.2 St-Nazaire Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de St-Nazaire)
CB 108.6 Fresquel Aqueduct 14|15.32|N|2|22|23.56|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Fresquel Aqueduct

}} || (French: Pont canal du Fresquel)

A 111.9 Trapel Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc du Trapel)
A 114.6 Dejean Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Dejean)
CB 116.7 Orbiel Aqueduct 12|52.39|N|2|26|21.51|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Orbiel Aqueduct

}} || (French: pont canal d'Orbiel)

A 118 St Felix Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de St-Félix)
A 124 Millegrand Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Millegrand)
A 124.6 Mercier Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Mercier)
A 131.8 St Martin Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de St-Martin)
A 133.6 Aiguille Aqueduct N|2.60857|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Aiguille Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de l'Aiguille)

A 139.6 Rivassel Aqueduct N|2.65946|E|type:landmark_region:FR_scale:5000 name=Rivassel Aqueduct

}} ||(French: Aqueduc du Rivassel)

A 140.6 Argent-Double Aqueduct 15|04.00|N|2|39|58.27|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Argent-Double Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc d'Argentdoublev)

A 143.6 Jouarres Aqueduct N|2.69633|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Jouarres Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Jouarres)

A 147.0 Ognon Aqueduct N|2.73926|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Ognon Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc d'Ognon)

A 148.1 Bassane Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Bassane)
A 149.7 Pechlaurier (French: Aqueduc de Pechlaurier)
A 155.8 Roubia Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Roubia)
CB 158.8 Répudre Aqueduct 15|15.90|N|2|50|24.44|E|region:FR_type:landmark name=Répudre Aqueduct

}} || (French: pont canal de Répudre)

A 161.5 Ventenac Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Ventenac)
CB 168.0 Cesse Aqueduct 16|48|N|2|54|55|E|region:FR_type:landmark name=Cesse Aqueduct

}} || (French: pont canal de Cesse)

A 177.8 Pradel Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Pradel)
A 178.8 Quarante Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Quarante)
A 184.7 Ramboulias Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Ramboulias)
A 187.4 Nostreseigne Aqueduct N|1.59031|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Nostreseigne Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Nostreseigné)

A 188.6 Saisse Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Saisse)
A 190.2 St Pierre Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de St-Pierre)
A 191.7 Guery Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Guéry)
A 193.7 Poiles Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Poilhes)
A 194.8 Thou Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Thou)
Tu 198.8 Malpas Tunnel 18|26|N|3|7|36|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Malpas Tunnel

}} ||

A 199.3 Colombiers Aqueduct (French: Aqueduc de Colombiers)
CB 207.6 Orb Aqueduct 20|04|N|03|12|46|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Orb Aqueduct

}} || (French: Aqueduc de Orb)

LC 225.1 Ouvrages du Libron 18|03|N|03|24|15|E|type:landmark_region:FR name=Ouvrages du Libron

}} || (English: Libron Works)



A Distance in km from the beginning of the canal in Toulouse.
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