Angela Malik

Angela Malik
Founder and Patron of Angela Malik Modern Asian Deli
Born (1971-12-03) 3 December 1971
Delhi, India
Education University of Edinburgh (BCom Hons)
ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland)
Catering College Diploma - Leiths School of Food and Wine
Culinary career
Cooking style Exotic/Anglo/Asian cuisine

Angela Malik, (born 3 December 1971 in Delhi, India, raised in Edinburgh, UK) is a chef and entrepreneur. She is founder and chef/patron of the Angela Malik Modern Asian Deli in Acton and Ealing, London. After an early career as a chartered accountant, Malik began her culinary training at Leith’s School of Food & Wine in West London, followed by some inspirational work experience at top London restaurants including Bibendum, Vong and with chef Tom Kime. In 2006, she founded The Angela Malik Cook School and Deli in Acton and Flavours of the Eastern World' in Gaynes Hall, Cambridgeshire, which run cookery courses and masterclasses in Thai, Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines for beginners to professionals. With a focus on quality teaching in an inspiring and fun environment, Malik has so far passed on her passion for food to thousands of students. Having decided to focus on developing her business in London, the Cambridge business was wound down and this year (2014) she opened her second site, Angela Malik’s Modern Asian Deli in Ealing. The Deli sees Angela’s unique brand of modern Brit-Asian cuisine available for breakfast, lunch and dinner – to take out or eat in as well as another site for amateur and professional cookery classes. The deli offer is based around duo-boxes – a choice of a protein and two salads - designed to be an exciting alternative to the lunchtime sandwich, while the Lassi Bar is believed to be the first of its kind in London. Her food philosophy is based around balancing the five tastes; slightly fiery, a touch of sour tang, with perfectly balanced salt and a touch of sweet, underlying it all the power of bitter or umami.

Angela was a finalist of the search for a British female chef which was run by the T.V show 'The F-Word' on Channel 4. Angela has also won the Daily Mail's 'Best exotic cookery course' for 2007/8.[1]


After a successful career as a chartered accountant, Malik left her job as a fraud investigator in the City of London to take a year's diploma at the Leiths School of Food & Wine in west London. She then worked (for work experience) at Bibendum and Vong. That led to the establishment of The Angela Malik School of Food and Wine (with chef Tom Kime). Since its inception, the Cookery School has evolved to incorporate a deli and café style eatery. Renamed in 2014 the Angela Malik Modern Asian Deli, Malik expanded to open her second site in Ealing in 2014. Malik's goal is to impart her passion for and love of sensational tastes and flavours through her deli food as well as her ongoing cookery classes. It’s no small ambition, but she wants to change the way people cook, eat and live.

Malik's food is all made freshly with top ingredients by on-site chefs. The goal is to provide an exciting, tasty and healthy alternative to other high street options and expand this concept to a wider audience.



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