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2012 Kapisa airstrike

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Title: 2012 Kapisa airstrike  
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Subject: List of civilian casualties in the war in Afghanistan (2012), Hyderabad airstrike, Narang night raid, Uruzgan helicopter attack, Wech Baghtu wedding party airstrike
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2012 Kapisa airstrike

2012 Kapisa airstrike
Date 8 February 2012
Location Giawa village, Nijrab District, Kapisa Province, Afghanistan
Result 7 children between the age of 6-12 and one mentally-handicapped 18-year-old

The 2012 Kapisa airstrike refers to the killing of seven children and one adult, who died in Nijrab District of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan after NATO bombed them near their village. The strike took place on 8 February 2012.[1][2][3]


Kapisa district police chief Abdul Hamid Erkin told AFP: "Two nights ago foreign special forces carried out a raid on a house in Geyawa village in Nejrab district." "The next morning their plane carried out an airstrike on a house in the village as a result of which seven children and one adult were martyred." He also said commanders of French troops “claimed that the target was a group of Taliban facilitators, but we checked the area and there were no Taliban.” "In fact the people in the area have very strong anti-Taliban feelings."[4][5]

According to Hussain Khan Sanjani, the leader of the Kapisa provincial council ..."the victims rounded up sheep and cows and moved them toward a mountainous area behind their homes," he said. "When they got cold, they gathered brush and lighted a fire to keep warm," "One airstrike hit a large boulder and the other struck the victims, who were badly burned,"[6]


President Hamid Karzai had assigned a delegation "to launch an all-out probe into the NATO bombing in the province of Kapisa", a statement from his office said.[5] He then sent an advisor, Mohammad Zahir Safi, to the area to investigate the incident.[7]


President Hamid Karzai "strongly condemned an airstrike by foreign troops which resulted in the killing of a number of children,".[7]

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