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Quebec general election, 1973

Quebec general election, 1973

October 29, 1973

110 seats in the 31st National Assembly of Quebec
56 seats were needed for a majority
Turnout 80.39%
  First party Second party
Leader Robert Bourassa René Lévesque
Party Liberal Parti Québécois
Leader since January 17, 1970 October 14, 1968
Leader's seat Mercier Lost election in Dorion
Last election 72 seats, 45.40% 7 seats, 23.06%
Seats won 102 6
Seat change +30 −1
Popular vote 1,623,734 897,809
Percentage 54.65% 30.22%
Swing +9.25% +7.16%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Yvon Dupuis Gabriel Loubier
Party Parti créditiste Union Nationale
Leader since February 4, 1973 June 19, 1971
Leader's seat Lost election in Saint-Jean Bellechasse (lost re-election)
Last election 12 seats, 11.19% 17 seats, 19.65%
Seats won 2 0
Seat change −10 −17
Popular vote 294,706 146,209
Percentage 9.92% 4.92%
Swing −1.27% −14.73%

Premier before election

Robert Bourassa
Quebec Liberal Party


Robert Bourassa
Quebec Liberal Party

The Quebec general election of 1973 was held on October 29, 1973 to elect members to National Assembly of Quebec, Canada. The incumbent Quebec Liberal Party, led by Robert Bourassa, won re-election, defeating the Parti Québécois, led by René Lévesque, and the Union Nationale (UN).

The Liberals won a large majority of the seats (102 out of 110). The Union Nationale, which had held power up until the previous 1970 general election, was wiped off the electoral map, winning no seats. However, UN candidate Maurice Bellemare later won a seat in a 1974 by-election. The Parti Québécois held its own, dropping only one seat (from seven to six), and despite having fewer seats, became the official Opposition, although PQ leader René Lévesque failed to win a seat in the Assembly.

The popular vote was not as lopsided as the distribution of seats would indicate. The Parti Québécois, for instance, won 30% of the popular vote, a significant improvement over their previous showing of 23% in the 1970 election.


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The overall results were:[1]

Party Party leader # of
Seats Popular vote
1970 Elected % Change # % % Change
Liberal Robert Bourassa 110 72 102 +41.7% 1,623,734 54.65% +9.25%
Parti Québécois René Lévesque 110 7 6 -14.3% 897,809 30.22% +7.16%
     Parti créditiste Yvon Dupuis 109 12 2 -83.8% 294,706 9.92% -1.27%
Union Nationale Gabriel Loubier 110 17 - -100% 146,209 4.92% -14.73%
Marxist–Leninist 14 * - * 1,325 0.04% *
     Independent/No designation 26 - - - 7,195 0.24% -0.31%
Total   108 110 - 2,970,978 100%  
* Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.
Vote share
Ralliement créditiste
Union Nationale

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