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List of Sunni books

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Title: List of Sunni books  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Collection: Islam-Related Lists, Sunni Literature
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List of Sunni books

This is a list of the significant books of Islamic Sunni's doctrine.


  • Hadith 1
    • Al-Kutub Al-Sittah 1.1
    • Primary sources 1.2
    • Secondary sources 1.3
    • Hadith studies 1.4
    • Commentaries of Hadith collections 1.5
  • Tafsir 2
  • Quranic Studies 3
  • Aqeedah 4
    • Sunni 4.1
  • Seerah 5
  • Islamic jurisprudence 6
    • Hanafi 6.1
    • Shafi'i 6.2
    • Maliki 6.3
    • Hanbali 6.4
    • General 6.5
  • History books 7
  • Travelogue 8
  • Biographical evaluation 9
  • Critique 10
    • Shi'a 10.1
    • Ikhtilaf 10.2
    • Avicenna 10.3
    • Refutation of Qadiyaniyat 10.4
  • Tazkiah 11
    • Dhikr 11.1
    • General 11.2
    • Adab 11.3
  • Political Islam 12
  • Miscellaneous books 13
  • See also 14
  • Notes 15


Al-Kutub Al-Sittah

Primary sources

Secondary sources

Hadith studies

  • Introduction to the Science of Hadith by Ibn al-Salah
  • Usool As Sunnah by Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal
  • Tareekh Tadween e Hadith[4] by Molana Abdur Rasheed Nomani
  • Mustalah Al Hadith by Ibn Uthaymeen
  • Taiseer Al Hadith by Dr. Mehmood At-tahan
  • Nukhabtul Fikr by Imam Ibn Al-Hajr Al-Asqalani
  • Khair ul Usool Fi Hadith ir Rasool by Molana Khair Muhammad Jalandhari
  • Importance of Hadith by Molana Khalil ur Rehman Chishti
  • Thameen Ad-dari by Molana Abdul Baqi
  • Funn-e-Asma-Ar-Rijal by Dr. Taqi-ud-Din Nadvi
  • Hasnat Ul Akhbar (Tareekh Ul Hadith) by Kazi Abuddusamad Sarram
  • Tabyan Ul Rasikh (Tareekh Ut Tafseer) by Kazi Abdussamad Sarram

Commentaries of Hadith collections


Quranic Studies




See also List of biographies of Muhammad.

Islamic jurisprudence






History books


Biographical evaluation





Refutation of Qadiyaniyat





Political Islam

Miscellaneous books

See also


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