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List of Presidents of Afghanistan

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Title: List of Presidents of Afghanistan  
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Subject: Mohammad Najibullah, Hamid Karzai, Politics of Afghanistan, Council of Ministers (Afghanistan), Law of Afghanistan
Collection: Lists of Political Office-Holders in Afghanistan, Lists of Presidents, Presidents of Afghanistan
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List of Presidents of Afghanistan

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This is a list of Presidents of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has only intermittently been a republic – between 1973–1992 and from 2001 onwards – at other times being governed by a variety of kings, emirs, as well as mujahideen and Taliban leaders in the 1990s.

The present constitution of Afghanistan grants the president wide powers over military and legislative affairs, with a relatively weak national parliament. These were a subject of considerable controversy when debated by the country's loya jirga in December 2003. However, they were seen by the interim administration and its Western backers as being essential to securing the stability of Afghanistan.

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Name Notes
Abdul Qadir Dagarwal Under the military dictatorship the title was the Chairman of the Military Revolutionary Council.[3]
After the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan after the Saur Revolution. The government gave the president position a new title. The new title was Chairman of the Revolutionary Council.[4]
Mullah Mohammed Omar Under the rule of the Taliban, the new presidential title was Head of the Supreme Council.[5]
Hamid Karzai From 22 December 2001 to 19 June 2002 Karzai was the Chairman of the Transitional Administration.[6]


# Name Born-Died Took office Left office Political Party
President of the Republic of Afghanistan
1 Mohammed Daoud Khan 1909–1978 17 July 1973 27 April 1978 Independent
(until 1976)
National Revolutionary Party
Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of the Afghan Armed Forces
2 Abdul Qadir Dagarwal 1944–2014 27 April 1978 30 April 1978 People's Democratic Party
(Khalq faction)
Chairmen of the Revolutionary Council of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan
3 Nur Muhammad Taraki 1917–1979 30 April 1978 14 September 1979[1] People's Democratic Party
(Khalq faction)
4 Hafizullah Amin 1929–1979 14 September 1979 27 December 1979 People's Democratic Party
(Khalq faction)
5 Babrak Karmal 1929–1996 27 December 1979 24 November 1986 People's Democratic Party
(Parcham faction)
6 Haji Mohammad Chamkani 1947– 24 November 1986 30 September 1987 Independent
7 Mohammad Najibullah 1947–1996 30 September 1987 30 November 1987 People's Democratic Party
(Parcham faction)
Presidents of the Republic of Afghanistan
Mohammad Najibullah 1947–1996 30 November 1987 16 April 1992 People's Democratic Party
(Parcham faction)
(until 1990)
Watan Party
8 Abdul Rahim Hatif 1926–2013 16 April 1992 28 April 1992 Watan Party
Presidents of the Islamic State of Afghanistan
9 Sibghatullah Mojaddedi 1926– 28 April 1992 28 June 1992 National Liberation Front of Afghanistan
10 Burhanuddin Rabbani 1940–2011 28 June 1992 27 September 1996 Jamiat-e Islami
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
11 Mullah Mohammed Omar c. 1959– 27 September 1996 13 November 2001 Taliban
President of the Northern Alliance of Afghanistan
I Burhanuddin Rabbani 1940–2011 27 September 1996 13 November 2001 Jamiat-e Islami
(Northern Alliance)
Presidents of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan[2]
(10) Burhanuddin Rabbani 1940–2011 13 November 2001 22 December 2001 Jamiat-e Islami
(Northern Alliance)
11 Hamid Karzai 1957– 22 December 2001 7 December 2004 Independent
Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Hamid Karzai 1957– 7 December 2004 29 September 2014 Independent
12 Ashraf Ghani 1949– 29 September 2014 Incumbent Independent

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

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