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Le Frisson des Vampires

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Title: Le Frisson des Vampires  
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Subject: Jean Rollin
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Le Frisson des Vampires

Le Frisson Des Vampires
Original release poster
Directed by Jean Rollin
Written by Monique Natan
Jean Rollin
Starring Sandra Julien
Jean-Marie Durand
Jacques Ribiolles
Michel Delahaye
Marie-Pierre Castel
Kuelan Herce
Nicole Nancel
Music by Groupe Acanthus
Editing by Olivier Gregoire
Distributed by Les Films ABC
Release date(s) 21 April 1971
Running time 95 mins
Country  France
Language French

Le Frisson des Vampires (English title: The Shiver of the Vampires) is a 1971 film directed by Jean Rollin.[1] It is his third vampire movie.


Two newlyweds, Isle and Antoine, are on their honeymoon, on their way to visit Isle's two cousins. When they arrive in the town they discover that her cousins died the day before. Isle and Antoine go to the chateau where they lived anyway. Once there they are greeted by two female Renfields who show them to a room.

Isle goes to the cemetery to visit the graves of her cousins, and a woman named Isabelle tells Isle that she was about to get married to both of her cousins, but in a way she was already their brides. Isle decides to sleep alone on that night because she is upset. While getting ready for bed a woman emerges from the grandfather clock. She introduces herself as Isolde and takes Isle back to the cemetery where she bites Isle in the neck. Antoine, feeling lonely, goes to see Isle, but she isn't in her room. He searches the castle and comes to the chapel where it seems a human sacrifice is taking place. Two of the participants turn out to be Isle's cousins and explain they must kill the woman or she will become like them — vampires. Antoine goes back to find Isle in her room and isn't sure whether it was all a dream.

The next morning at breakfast the Renfields tell Isle and Antoine that her cousins aren't really dead. Antoine goes to the library to meet the cousins but is instead knocked out by books. When he comes to, Antoine goes back to the dining room where he finally meets the cousins. That night Isle decided to sleep alone again, leaving Antoine angry. Isolde returns to Isle and bites her in the neck again. Isabelle tells a friend that Isle's cousins were once vampire slayers and were bitten by vampires. Isabelle later discovers that the cousins are still alive and under Isolde's control and Isolde tells her she is no longer welcome at the castle. She grabs Isabelle and pierces her breasts with her pointed nipple covers. Angry at her for doing this the cousins rape Isolde.

That night the Renfields wake Antoine and take him to the chapel where a ceremony is about to take place that involves Isle, Isolde, the Renfields and the cousins. Antoine breaks open the door to discover they have all disappeared. Not sure whether this was also a dream, he runs to Isle's room to tell her they must escape. She tells him no and that her cousins are the only family she has left, so Antoine decides to sleep on the couch in her room. The next morning Isle cries out that the sunlight hurts her eyes when Antoine opens the curtains. That night is Isle's initiation when she will be given the final kiss and made a vampire. Antoine tries to break it up by taking Isle away. The cousins follow them to a beach. Isolde tries to get into her coffin but finds it on fire. The Renfields put a cross on the tomb door, sealing Isolde inside, so Isolde bites her wrist and dies. Antoine begs Isle to go with him but she stays with her cousins as they await the sunrise.


  • Sandra Julien as Isla
  • Jean-Marie Durand as Antoine
  • Jacques Robiolles
  • Michel Delahaye
  • Marie-Pierre Castel
  • Kuelan Herce
  • Nicole Nancel as Isabelle
  • Dominique as Isolde

Other titles

The title Le Frisson des Vampires has been translated into many titles in English, including:

  • The Shiver of the Vampires
  • Sex and Vampires
  • Strange Things Happen at Night
  • Terror of the Vampires
  • Thrill of the Vampire
  • Vampire Thrills



The VHS was released in the UK by Redemption on 27 September 1993


Released by Encore in Europe on a 2 DVD set - special limited edition in a new 16:9/ 1.77:1 anamorphic widescreen version, the special features include: digitally remastered French and English (dubbed) audio tracks, slideshow with more than 100 rare photos, audio commentary by Jean Rollin, deleted scenes, original trailer, essay on Le Frisson des Vampires - a 32 page booklet which contains lots of rare photos.[2]

Released by Redemption on 27 September 2004 in the UK, the special features include: theatrical trailer, stills gallery, publicity, video art, filmography and trailers for Requiem pour un Vampire and Les Démoniaques.

Released in the U.S.A. on the 14th of September 1999 by Image intertainment.


Le Frisson des Vampires was released in 2012 by Kino Lorber in a five-disc Blu-ray collection, along with La Rose de Fer, Fascination, La Vampire Nue, and Lèvres de Sang. Five other Rollin Blu-rays were released later that year.


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