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Dr. Wonder's Workshop

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Title: Dr. Wonder's Workshop  
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Dr. Wonder's Workshop

Dr. Wonder's Workshop
Format Live-action
Starring David O. Reynolds, Tiffany Hoglind, Justin Reynolds, Jonathan Reynolds, Janet Schwall
Original language(s) American Sign Language (ASL), with English voice narration/closed-captioning, and Spanish closed-captioning
No. of episodes 52 (As of March, 2008)
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel TBN
Original run 2007[chronology citation needed] – present[chronology citation needed]
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Dr. Wonder's Workshop is an American Christian children's show targeted largely to a deaf/hard-of-hearing populace, and airs nationally on the Smile of a Child network during the week, and on TBN Saturday mornings as part of their Smile of a Child block. A few local independent stations also air the show as well.

The main characters are all deaf, and speak in American Sign Language (ASL). For non-deaf viewers, the show is done with voiceover narration, and a Spanish-language closed-captioning is also provided as well as English closed-captioning by the National Captioning Institute.[1] The show is produced by Silent Blessings/Deaf Ministries, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.[2]


  • Dr. Leward Wonder (David O. Reynolds): A Scottish-born inventor, and founder of Dr. Wonder's Workshop.
  • Paula Beaker (Tiffany Hoglind): The head chemist at Dr. Wonder's Workshop.
  • Lisa Beancounter (Janet Schwall): Born in the U.K., Lisa started as the Workshop's accountant, and has since become the office manager.
  • Billy Cameron (Justin and Jonathan Reynolds): A self-taught electronics expert, he is the electrician at the Workshop.
  • Luigi "Pops" L'Inventore (puppet): Pops works part-time at the Workshop and part-time at a nearby restaurant, the Finger Food Cafe.
  • "Elevator Guy" (Doug Green): Elevator Guy is a computer-generated personality who runs the elevators in the Workshop. He can also appear on other computer screens, as well.
  • Edwin Crunchnumber (James Parker): Mainstreamed before moving to residential school and learned ASL. He is the accountant at Dr. Wonder's Workshop, and a genius with numbers.

Season 1 (2007)

The following is a complete episode list for Dr. Wonder's Workshop:[3]

  1. Be Fair With One Another
  2. Respect Others
  3. Trust God
  4. Sharing Can Be Fun
  5. Don't Hold on to Anger
  6. Care for Others
  7. Obedience Is Important
  8. Always Be Honest
  9. Let Your Light Shine
  10. Keep Your Promises
  11. Never Give Up
  12. You Are Precious
  13. Be Responsible

Season 2 (2008)

  1. Bully For You
  2. Be Sensitive to Others
  3. Reflect God's Love
  4. A Team Makes it Work
  5. Faith Overcomes Fear
  6. The Magic of Thank You
  7. Never Give Less Than Your Best
  8. Be Content With What You Have
  9. Build Up One Another
  10. True Love is Unconditional
  11. Be Wise, Not Impulsive
  12. A Servant's Heart
  13. Be Yourself

Season 3 (2010)

  1. Keep Your Balance
  2. Keep On Open Mind
  3. Accept Differences
  4. Be Humble
  5. Be Patient
  6. Your Choices Affect Others
  7. Tell The Truth
  8. You're Unique!
  9. Be Wise Online
  10. Be Faithful
  11. Use Positive Language
  12. Giving and Accepting Praise
  13. Spiritual Fruit

Season 4 (2012)

  1. Yes You Can!
  2. Tale of A Tattler
  3. Pay Close Attention to Others
  4. I'm Sorry
  5. Celebrate Diversity
  6. Stop Gossip
  7. Think of Others
  8. Share The Gift of You
  9. Work Hard
  10. To Be Fair About It
  11. Celebrate You!
  12. Face Your Problems
  13. Be Grateful

Sign Language Alphabet

Aa - Apple
Bb - Bus
Cc - Clock
Dd - Dinosaur
Ee - Elephant
Ff - Fish
Gg - Grapes
Hh - Heart
Ii - Ice Cream
Jj - Jet
Kk - Kangaroo
Ll - Lollipop
Mm - Monkey
Nn - Nut
Oo - Owl
Pp - Pineapple
Qq - Quarter
Rr - Rabbit
Ss - Snail
Tt - Turtle
Uu - Umbrella
Vv - Vulture
Ww - Watermelon
Xx - X-Ray
Yy - Yo-yo
Zz - Zebra


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