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Bagh (garden)

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Title: Bagh (garden)  
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Bagh (garden)

Bāgh (Persian: باغ‎‎) usually translated garden, refers to an enclosed area with permanent cultures (many types of trees and shrubs) as well as flowers. It usually has Irano-Islamic architectural elements. Also known as Bageecha or Bagicha.

360° panoramic view of the Charbagh at the Taj Mahal, India


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Lal Bagh, India

Bāgh is a word common to the Iranian languages Persian,[1] Pashto, Kurdish, Lurish, and means garden and orchard, specifically one containing fruit- and flower-bearing trees.[2] In Persian, the plural of bāgh is bāgh-hā (باغ‌ها or باغها) and in Kurdish, baxan (بيغان).

The word bāgh is encountered in both Pahlavi and Sogdian.[2] In Farizandi, Gilaki, Shahmirzadi and Sorkhei bāk, and in Natanzi bāg stand for bāgh[2] (see Dialects of Central Iran).

Use in place names

The word bāgh is often met in place-names in conjunction with a word in which the notion of garden is already implicit, such as Bāgh-e Ferdows, Bāgh-e Jannat and Bāgh-e Rezvān.[3]

Bāgh is also a constituent part of the place-name Karabagh, which is often said to mean 'black garden' but probably means 'many gardens.'[4]


The Iranian word has been borrowed into Armenian. The Russian language utilizes the words bakhcha (бахча), from the Persian word bāghche (Persian: باغچه‎‎ meaning small garden) to designate melons and gourds.


The elements of a Bāgh consist of the following:

Natural conditions and materials:

Man-made elements:

Important bāghs

See also

Notes and references

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External links

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    • Audio slideshow: [2] (5 min 58 sec).
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