Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS) is a biennial academic conference, first held in Cornell in 1994, constituting an international forums for the presentation of new research in computational number theory. They are devoted to algorithmic aspects of number theory, including elementary number theory, algebraic number theory, analytic number theory, geometry of numbers, algebraic geometry, finite fields, and cryptography.

Current events

ANTS XI will be held in GyeongJu, Korea, August 7–11, 2014.

Selfridge Prize

In honour of the many contributions of John Selfridge to mathematics, the Number Theory Foundation has established a prize to be awarded to those individuals who have authored the best paper accepted for presentation at ANTS. The prize, called the Selfridge Prize, will normally be awarded every two years in an even numbered year. The prize winner(s) will receive a cash award and a certificate. The successful paper will be selected by the ANTS Program Committee.

The Selfridge Prize at the ANTS VII meeting was awarded to Werner Bley and Robert Boltje for their paper Computation of locally free class groups. The Prize at ANTS VIII was awarded to Juliana Belding, Reinier Bröker, Andreas Enge and Kristin Lauter for their paper Computing Hilbert Class Polynomials.[1] The Prize at ANTS IX was awarded to John Voight (mathematician) (University of Vermont) for his paper "Computing automorphic forms on Shimura curves over fields with arbitrary class number".[2] The Prize at ANTS X was awarded to Andrew Sutherland (mathematician) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for his paper "On the evaluation of modular polynomials".[3]


Before ANTS X, the refereed Mathematical Sciences Publishers.


ANTS XI (2014)

Dates: 7–11 August 2014
Location: Korea)
Program Committee: Nigel Boston, Nils Bruin, Jung Hee Cheon (co-chair), Andrej Dujella, Claus Fieker, Steven Galbraith, Bo-Hae Im, Kiran Kedlaya, Derek Holt (mathematician), Tanja Lange, Kristin Lauter, Hyang-Sook Lee (co-chair), Phong Nguyen, Renate Scheidler, Igor Shparlinski, Alice Silverberg, Tsuyoshi Takagi (mathematician), Edlyn Teske, Felipe Voloch, and Linsheng Yin
Web site:

ANTS X (2012)

Dates: 9–13 July 2012
Location: UCSD (San Diego, California, USA)
Program Committee: Dan Bernstein, Alina Bucur, Joe Buhler, Henri Cohen, Chantal David, Steven Galbraith, Dan Gordon (mathematician), Everett Howe (co-chair), Kiran Kedlaya (co-chair), Jürgen Klüners, Kristin Lauter, Fernando Rodriguez Villegas, Peter Stevenhagen, Michael Stoll, and Bianca Viray
Web site:

ANTS IX (2010)

Dates: 19–23 July 2010
Location: INRIA (Nancy, France)
Local organizers: Anne-Lise Charbonnier, Jérémie Detrey, Pierrick Gaudry, Emmanuel Thomé, and Paul Zimmermann
Proceedings: LNCS 6197
Web site:

ANTS VIII (2008)

Dates: 17–22 May 2008
Location: Banff Centre (Alberta, Canada)
Organizers: Mark Bauer (University of Calgary), Josh Holden (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Mike Jacobson (University of Calgary), Renate Scheidler (University of Calgary) and Jon Sorenson (Butler University)
Proceedings: LNCS 5011
Web site:

ANTS VII (2006)

Dates: 23–28 July 2006
Location: Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Organizers: Florian Heß, Sebastian Pauli, Michael Pohst
Proceedings: LNCS 4076
Web site:

ANTS VI (2004)

Dates: 13–18 June 2004
Location: University of Vermont (Burlington, Vermont, USA)
Organizers: Duncan Buell, Jonathan W. Sands, David S. Dummit
Proceedings: Poster Abstracts
Web site:

ANTS V (2002)

Dates: 7–12 July 2002
Location: University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
Organizers: John Cannon, Claus Fieker, David Kohel
Proceedings: LNCS 2369
Web site:

ANTS IV (2000)

Dates: 2–7 July 2000
Location: University of Leiden (Leiden, Netherlands)
Organizers: Peter Stevenhagen, Wieb Bosma
Proceedings: LNCS 1838
Web site:

ANTS III (1998)

Dates: 21–25 June 1998
Location: Reed College (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Organizer: Joe Buhler
Proceedings: LNCS 1423
Web site:

ANTS II (1996)

Dates: 18–23 May 1996
Location: University of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France)
Organizers: Henri Cohen, Michel Olivier
Proceedings: LNCS 1122

ANTS I (1994)

Dates: 6–9 May 1994
Location: Cornell University (Ithaca, New York, USA)
Organizers: Len Adleman, Ming-Deh Huang
Proceedings: LNCS 877 (out of print)


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